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Thread: What if I told you that she loved you so much?

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    Oh man I can't believe this. Real sad news! My sincerest condolences. I'm in utter shock!

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    Rest in peace.

    I never spoke with her directly, but when I first joined TTLG, I saw her everywhere. She will be missed be, but not forgotten.

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    Still no word on what happened?

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    No, unca. Last we heard from her daughter (on Facebook) was that the autopsy results weren't available yet, but that was just days after our beloved Mara's passing.

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    I'm not sure what to say, but I'm very sorry to hear this news. I'm grateful for the blood, sweat, and tears she put into running and improving the site. I was a relative latecomer to CommChat, when she wasn't posting much anymore. So I knew her mostly by reputation and a few stories others have posted here from time to time. By all accounts, she was somebody I would have liked to know. My condolences to her family those of you who knew her well.

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    Been reading this thread but haven't posted yet cause I didn't know what to say. I never got to know MsLedd at all, but it's clear she meant a great deal to all you TTLG regulars. Her voice role in Keeper of the Prophecies is a classic that I won't forget any time soon.

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    So much love and support........

    I wanted to stop by and say that while this is my first time on this forum and site, I have heard so much about the TTLG forum. I would like to introduce myself and let everyone know why I have chosen now to post something. My name is Shane and I know of this site from Msledd, server goddess and how I know her Mara. I was reached out to by someone else that knew Mara and pointed out this thread. I am her boyfriend and have been involved in her life for the past 15 months. In that time she had meant so much to me and my family and made a positive impact in our lives and this is such a sad time for so many people that knew her.

    She has spoken so much about this forum and all the connections she has made and we used to sit back and laugh about all the struggles she used to talk about getting this fully set up.

    There is so much outpouring of support and love for her by so many people that I want to say thanks to all that have posted and have nothing but good and loving things to say. I know that she has touched so many people and tends to leave a lasting impression on those that she comes in to contact with.

    We all are going to miss you so much Mara!!

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    Still no updates on what happened?

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    Thank you so much, Shane, for taking the trouble to register and post. As you have seen, Mara was much loved and if it's possible to let us know what happened, in due course, we'd very much appreciate it.

    You will always be welcome to come and talk about her here because we will never forget her.

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    I can see that she was very much loved here. Out of respect for her daughter and dealing with everything, if she is ok with passing information along, then I will update at that time

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    @Shane: Welcome and thanks for sharing with us! My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family. Mara was easy to love and is impossible to forget. <3

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    RBJ reached out to me to let me know that MsLedd has died. Anyone who spent any time here in the early days (and beyond) knows what a force she was -- for the good of the community, for the good of her particular friends (an admirably inclusive set), and, naturally, for the site's tech infrastructure. She was loving, and she was loved. I'm glad to see that her family outside the forum is aware that her family within the forum cared about her. I'm sure that fact merely reinforces what they already knew about her radiant impact. She aimed to be consequential, and she was, and it wasn't about her, but about those values.

    Hold close those you love. Tell them you love them. Show them. Turn outward and spread that love around. Stifle the noise, crank up the laughter, put your hands to the plough, and do something to make things better, for this life is too, too short.

    Is the essence of balance detachment? Rather, balance is born where attachment and detachment converge. Letting go becomes a way of holding on, and holding on in word, memory, song and dance becomes a way of letting go. Goodbye, Mara. May love carry you home. You made a difference.


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    Thief led me to meet MsLedd all those years ago. Just started Thief Gold for the first time in 18 years which drew me back in to the forums only to learn about this. I don't remember any specific threads or words said (though there were countless, and I could search the archives), but I do remember her kindness and her always being there for all of us (hi, BTW, to some of my old friends!).

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    So sad that this sad event is all that can bring so many old crew back. Hi Grundy and Risquit, long time.

    Ms Ledd

    A unifying force in life as well as in passing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SubJeff View Post
    A unifying force in life as well as in passing.

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    How sad to read this This comes as a shock, she didn't seem that old.

    I remember her being a kind woman and an avid voice actor with a lovely voice. Damn, she will be missed. Not only to friends and family but also to this forum which she was part of for so long.
    My condolances to her loved ones. RIP Mara

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    Where would we all be without Mara and her concern for us here in this community? I was always seeing her name around, but it was a while before I understood her contribution and the importance of it. The importance of her. Just a name on a forum board to start. How wonderful the unfolding of that envelope to discover how it wrapped around us all.

    I hope you knew how much we all cared for you. I wish I had said it more,

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    She was a big contributor to a community that has always felt like extended family to me. Thank you Mara for everything you did for us. She did voice acting for one of my missions and of course made it really come alive.

    Prayers and condolences to her family and all who knew her. She will be missed.

    RIP Mara.

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    RIP MsLedd. You'll never be forgotten.

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    My deepest, deepest condolences to her family, friends and all of you.

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    I'm sorry for the loss. We didn't speak much, but she was definitely a strong presence here back in the day.

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    I don't visit TTLG that often these days so this has come as something of a shock to me and I too would like to pass on my sympathies to those who knew her well.

    She very kindly did some voice acting for me a while back and while that was the first time we'd ever communicated between each other I think it shows the kind person that she was, to put herself out to do something for someone else.

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