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Thread: What if I told you that she loved you so much?

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    What if I told you that she loved you so much?

    My life is great and it didn't used to be. I swing up and down like anyone else, and like many other people my pendulum gets extreme. The measure of love is the sticktoitiveness when the extremes become crazy and the strain is immense.

    She swung just as hard, but we passed up and down on our own routes. Down and up. Up and down. Passing, smiling, encouraging, high-fives from the Great White North to the City of Sin. From ground zero we knew each other, no need for clarifications or explains... we were humans and honest and beautiful. Well, not so much me but you get the idea.

    Old Heads know the talk of HAY GUISE WE GETTIN MARRIED but probably no one but me and Starrfall knew the depth of MsLedd's (retrospectively cartoonish and insane) devotion to the love two idiot Internet faghats had for each other. Not for her and I would be in a whole other dimension, never living or breathing or feeling all the joy I have felt for more than a dozen years now. Cold and damp I would be squatting, not proud and rough as I am now.

    She loved me, she loved you, she loved us. Please believe when I say it. I spent an actually uncountable number of nights from dusk to dawn online with her as we tried to fix the horrific mess that TTLG's backend used to be. She was so proud of this place, and you (we) made her proud. She felt love, she was love. And now we need to set that boat on fire.

    I'm still in shock. I have no tears yet. I have no answers yet. I don't know a damned thing except that Mara has died.

    I'm so sorry to say such a thing. I simply don't know what else to do with my grief yet.

    Peace be on us all.

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    What? No.

    I want to say more, but I don't even know where to begin.

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    Rest in peace.

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    What the actual fuck? Nooo...

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    There are no words.

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    That's a complete shock

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    She was one of us.
    I'm no good with sadness, and there's a lot of it these days, it seems.
    Clear skies, Mara. Remember us.

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    So sad...

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    but... but... she had just posted on the Nuthaus! ((((

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    I don't post anymore, but I do read quite regularly. I am devastated, such a shocking loss. Rest in peace, Mara

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    I know she'd been through some difficult times, and always wanted to reach out and tell her things were going to be all right in the end, but never knew what to say, or how to say it.

    I still don't.

    Rest in peace, Mara.

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    What terrible news. Rest in peace.

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    I didn’t know MsLedd, only by name and reading her postings on here, like I “know” many of you in this community. Reading of a fellow TTLGer slipping this mortal coil is terrible news... heartbreaking. For GBM and those who truly knew Mara, as well as her family, I am at a loss for you and my heart goes to you all. Rest in peace MsLedd.
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    Well this sucks.

    I mostly lurk on here, but many years back Mara said she had several copies of Thief Gold, it was relatively rare before it became readily available on Steam. I got in touch and bought one off her and she offered to burn a bunch of FMs for me as well, which was great as I was still on dial-up back then. It was a small thing, but very thoughtful, she made me feel like part of the community.

    RIP Mara, you will be missed.

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    Oh my God, NO! I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around this. Not our beloved MsLedd!!

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    What the hell?!

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    I came online early when I heard on the news that the UK government was barging ahead with fracking my old homeland. I didn't imagine there might be far worse news waiting.

    How terribly sad.

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    Wow, this is shocking. Just saw her post in the nuthaus and all seemed fine. Hard to believe. My condolences.

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    This is another stupid prank, yeah?

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    Genuinely shocked, I don't know what to say. Mara always seemed larger than life, and it's quite unfathomable to my brain at the moment that this has happened. We'll miss you Mara.

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