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Thread: How to tell if Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0 is Installed or not?

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    How to tell if Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0 is Installed or not?


    I am running Thief Gold. I installed the Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0 alpha by editing cam_mod.ini and dropping ep2.crf into the root Thief Gold installation folder. I also added:
    mod_path ep2\thief1+ep2 to the configuration file .

    Now, how do I tell if the install was successful? The graphics don't look any different!

    Erik W.

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    install TFix, drop EP2 into your TG folder, done.

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    That worked, the textures look sharper!

    I also ditched Thief HD Mod because that was messing around with gameplay such as zombies. I was reading that people think that Thief HD Mod is over the top in some instances too. Also, the Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0 is suppose to stay close to the original style.

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    That is actually the prime directive of the EP, to be as faithful as possible. There are only a limited number of T1G assets which it upgrades, though, as it is primarily focused on T2 and so only the items which are common between the games are upgraded in T1G.

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    I think a few people would prefer HDM to only change the visuals, and allow anyother changes to be optional.

    But then it did blow me away in places in a way no other pack has. Great eye candy.

    Wonder whn T2's HDM will come out. Seem to remember it going to beta testing nearly two years ago? Must be the longest beta test in history

    But I am sure it will be great.

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    might want to try out NecroAge if there's not enough upgraded textures with EP2, it's still pretty close to vanilla.

    also no need to combine hdmod, EP2 and NecroAge, as mentioned in the TFix topic, you should choose just one (EP2 and NecroAge can be enabled, disabled or swapped on the fly).

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