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Thread: any fm have this?

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    any fm have this?

    ok so after playing fms for many years= like 8 or more i noticed very few if any fm authors include murus in their fms= the ghost in haunted,cathedral that helps you escape

    anyone know why is this no one put murus in a mission or at least in readables.i think it would be cool since murus is my fav character in the series plus hes cannon as well

    i want to know what u guys think?

    also check the sound files in thief gold directory and youll find sound called murappr.wav i think lookin glass wanted murus to make this noise when he appears to tell u what to do

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    I was once thinking of making a FM, prequel to the Cathedral, where you basically have to play as Murus. He's indeed an interesting character, Murus would certainly fit in well almost any classical T1/G FM, because he's one of core details of Thief universe. Really want to see him more often too

    Heck, i recently played The Odium FM, and it had Murus too... As a boss though. I really want to see him appear more often as a helpful character, or atleast as a humorous cameo. He really deserves more attribution

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    ty zorro and yes i also think murus deseves more recognition if u think about it hes the reason garret lives its sad to see such character neglected by fm author´s

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    DarkMax, lovely writing style.

    I don't know how about you guys, but it took me a considerable amount of time to truly appreciate those tasks given to Garrett by Murus. When you play the Cathedral mission for the first time, they may seem to be tedious and boring, but once you delve deeply into the horror atmosphere of this mission, you will see them in a totally different light.

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    a bit surprised in response to my board

    and yes amanill i think murus´ tasks arent tedious because he only wants proper burial= like his brothers

    maybe some author will revisit his story in an fm hint hint thief gold anniversary= maybe include him and his friends martelo and renault

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    They rehashed all those tasks for escape with Lauryl at the Cradle. I think Murus was better.

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    yes i think thief 3 tried too hard at doing what they did with murus in t1 and failed horribly imo at least in t1 you can do all the tasks immediately before u meet murus,or grab the eye,unlike laurel who you have to wait for her instructions before doing anything which is tedious. and yes laurel is a girl

    murus> laurel

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    The Murus model and complete voice set of wavs are in Yandros' Hammerite Mission Development Kit so it wouldn't be hard for anyone to add Murus to a Thief 2 FM.

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    what about the other dead brothers murus helped they are also important

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    yes downwinder i think they're also important i would like to know the background of those two= the cause of their death

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    I think brother Murus is awesome, but I never met brother Renauld and the other one ??? in any mission.
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    I've named two captured hammerites in mission 3 of "Golden Book" as: brother Renault and brother Peugeot.

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