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Thread: Ominous Bequest download

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    Ominous Bequest download

    After playing T2X I decided to try my hand at The Ominous Bequest. I downloaded it via a link here ( which I came to from here ( When I went to start it via the FM loader for T2, it said, "MP3 to WAV conversion not possible, download libmp3lame.dll (see About box). FM will not work properly, install anyway?"
    Is this anything important, or should I just disregard it?

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    Don't know the mission itself, but you'll probably get missing audio (mostly voices) and music.

    Just do what FMSel says and download libmp3lame.dll from the given link.

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    I believe the only problem will be a certain piece of equipment in the church. It won't affect the game, but you'll miss out on some dramatic flair

    That said, it's a pretty quick fix, and IMO well worth it, to enjoy it the way the author intended.

    P.S. you're in for a real treat! Ominous Bequest is an all-time masterpiece of a mission, and I badly wish I could experience it for the first time, once again!

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    Don't forget to play the sequel Broken Triad!

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    Great. I downloaded libmp3lame from that site, went to the FM loader, and the Ominous Bequest has disappeared. When I click on libmp3lame, I just get the normal Thief 2 game.

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    I downloaded it again, and it showed up. Will it work now?

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    Well, I just finished it. I did miss the organ, though.

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