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Thread: Newbie Question Regarding Custom Object Use

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    Newbie Question Regarding Custom Object Use

    I know this is the simplest of newbie questions, so I apologize in advance. Although I have a lot of missions out there, I've never done anything that isn't the most monkey-see-monkey-do implementations of DromEd basics.

    I am so sick of the mission I have tried to work on for so many years. Between computers no longer running Thief, to brand new computers not running Thief, to running out of cells, I am just pissed.

    Anyway, I decided what could save me a lot of cells is using some nice desk objects from the Thief Object Repository, and some columns as well, in place of my usual make things out of brushes stupidity.

    The thing is, since I've never in all my years of Dromeding used a custom anything, I'm at a loss as to file and folder structure, etc, with regards to custom object usage in a mission.

    Can I have some useful tips, and maybe the best tut available for such stuff?

    Don't say I didn't warn you it was a simple newbie question.

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    You have to create a folder in Dromed named OBJ. In that, two folders named TXT and TXT16. Then move the custom files where they should be. Then create a similar object in Dromed. In its Properties Add / Shape / Model Name. Type the filename.bin there.
    Now you have a custom object.

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    Beltzer has got the basics there, it really is that simple. I'll also mention that if the object in question is actually an AI, you need to put the files in /mesh and /mesh/txt16 instead, and there will also be a .cal file that goes with the .bin file in /mesh. When you go to package your mission for testing and release, just copy these /obj and /mesh folders into your ZIP file.

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    Let's add a little detail : TXT or TXT16 are folders for the textures of the objects (gif, dds, tga, bmp, pcx or png).
    As the object model should be in Obj (Mesh for the AIs models).

    Also, if you want to implement custom "corpse arts" for AIs (the icon you'll see when carrying a body), know that these arts must be located in OBJ too.

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    TXT is only for textures that use the global software palette, and some particle textures, so for objects you'll only be using TXT16.

    Also, do not include ".bin" when entering the model name. The engine knows to add that.

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    That's it, seriously? Thanks everyone.

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    If you look at each .crf file in the res folder you can see the file/folder structure. When you add custom content you would simply mimic a corresponding .crf by creating a folder with the same name (without the extension .crf) under your thief folder.

    One tip that might make things easier for you... Whenever I add a new object to my mission that I just downloaded I'll add the necessary files .obj, .pcx, etc to my initial zip file so that I don't have to try to determine which textures to use with a given object later.

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