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Thread: Best EQ settings for Thief

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    Best EQ settings for Thief


    I use a Sound Blaster ZXR with OpenAl and EAX on for playing Thief Gold and Thief 2, and it sounds great, however, sometimes a bit "distant" and footsteps too quiet. I wonder if any of you have equalizer settings suggestion that sounds great for playing Thief. Regardless of what hardware do you use, it would be useful.

    Thanks in advance!

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    That's not what an equalizer is there for. An EQ is mainly for frequency response correction of your playback system so whatever you set there will sound different on any other set of speakers. So there can't be a "great setting for Thief".

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    I agree with Child of Karras. The EQ settings are used to adjust your audio system to compensate for too high or too low frequency response across the audio spectrum. Both your speakers and your environment affect how well you hear audio frequencies.

    There's no real way to answer your question because most people have different speakers or headphones and the environment and acoustics (walls, carpet, furniture, room size, etc.) are different.

    The best that I can say is just adjust it to your personal preference if you don't have a spectrum analyzer to measure frequency response while white noise is played through your system.

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    That distant-sounding thing you mention sounds like EAX to me. I've never used it for it that reason.

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    Thank you guys for all the opinions! Now I understand it much more. However, I still believe if I tweak and play with the settings, I can reach a decent EAX sound with rich bass. I mean bass when you open a metal door, bass when a guard steps on carpet or wood, etc. Back in the day I managed to do so.

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    I just replied because my name would look good following yours.

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    Oh, god!!!

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