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Thread: Custom Script Set Needed

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    Custom Script Set Needed

    I've beaten my head bloody trying to do something similar to the Brother Murus conversation control scripts in miss11.osm (There may only be one ... I forget.) In any event, I need scripting which will allow playing of conversations dependent on which of several special objects Garrett brings with him.

    Assume 5 different objects as a worst case, A, B, C, D and E. (I can't remember the exact number anymore -- it has been over a year since I gave this up as a lost cause)
    1. If Garret has none of them when entering the room, a ghost manifests and sends him off on a quest for them.
    2. If Garret has less than all of them when he returns, the ghost manifests, scolds him, and sends him back out for the ones he doesn't have, maybe with a scolding and maybe better instructions for the specific ones missing, maybe just a scolding. The idea is that there are several possible conversations which could play depending on the specific missing items.
    3. If Garret has all of them, the ghost manifests and tells him what to do next.
    4. If Garrett has completed the goal, the ghost manifests one last time, thanks Garret, never to be seen again.

    I've tried using qvars for this, but it just has proven to be too complicated for me to do that way. It is the last bit I need before finishing up my True Dreams mission, and frustration with it has caused me to stop work on it for about a year now. So any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

    PM me if you are willing to help. Thanks!

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    So all you need is a script that examines the player's inventory, counts how many of the special objects he has, then sends a TurnOn message to the appropriate object based on the special object count?

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    Not count, but specific missing object(s). Assume a natural order (specified to the script) for finding them, A then B, then C, then D. If A and C are missing, then trigger an A conversation. If B, C, and D are missing, trigger a B conversation, if C and D are missing, then trigger a C conversation, and so on. If the indicated 1st level conversation has already been triggered, then trigger a different 2nd level scolding message and send him out again. If no more appropriate scolding messages are defined, ignore him. The idea is to emulate the ghost getting progressively testy as Garret returns without all of the objects.

    Oh, if Garret has dropped the items in the room with the ghost, that should count as having the item. So it isn't just inventory. He will be using the objects to assemble something so there has to be some way to consider the quest done even if the object isn't still in inventory but is in the room or has been transformed into something else (an A + C + D object, say). Think of A, B, C, and D as things which need to be done, rather than just objects. It might even be the absence of something which is what is needed. But not a mission goal. Smaller than that. A step along the way to a goal.

    I'm not explaining it well. Anyone interested, PM me and we can discuss the specifics in detail with exactly what I need to happen.
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    I've written a couple of custom scripts not too far off this for my upcoming mission. I think I can help you out. Have sent you a PM.

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