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Thread: upgraded comp for when contest comes out

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    upgraded comp for when contest comes out

    ok this post is simple please post if you upgraded any part of your comp for the contest coming up

    i just got a "hp 24w"

    wish i could get a new all in one tower but they still haven't been upgraded since i got mine

    so i am as ready as i am going to get when contest comes out

    anyone else get upgrades?

    ohh now i play thief in 1920 x 1080 x 32 ,16.9 ratio ,in HD,i can see why alot of you went for enhancement packs the textures don't look as well as in a smaller resolution
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    As Stinkykitty well knows, the laptop I use for school ceased being able to run only an isolated portion of our mission within the last month (which has grown even more since then, both in physical size and effects). Because of that, I know our mission won't run on a toaster for sure, and it's probably far from the largest mission in the contest. So there's your tech warning for the day. I have a feeling it has to do with the integrated graphics card, but I can't say for sure. In any case, I'll be fine because I have a ludicrous beast of a PC when I'm at home. No upgrades required.

    Also, I think ThiefGen is the wrong place for this thread. It should probably either be in Fan Missions or Tech/Troubleshooting.

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    if in wrong board sorry please fix devs,admins

    also are there any fan missions in hd? without having to download a pack
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    ^ moved to fm forum, yw

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    ty yandros for= moving board

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    ty so much down winder for new interesting threads ,you inspire meaningful discussion

    Unless you have a computer older than 7-8 years, I don't think there is a need to upgrade it. I currently own a Lenovo laptop purchased in 2014 and 95% of Thief fan missions run smoothly, with the exception of resource-hungry productions such as Cardia's FTM Life and Keeper of Infinity. Since the contestants are limited to stick to the original feeling of vanilla, with very few serious modifications allowed, I don't think that anyone is going to have trouble playing those missions smoothly.

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    ty so much down winder for new interesting threads ,you inspire meaningful discussion

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    i had some lag from ftm life and the few other high end missions,only missions that was to laggy for me to play was night of the red moon and i really wanted to play it,and not one person has done a lets play of it on youtube so i got no idea what story is

    the rest i played and finished just with some bad lag

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    No new PC for me as the old rig (Intel i5-2500K CPU, 16 GB RAM, SSDs, Geforce 770) still does the trick - but I don't play modern triple-A titles on it.
    However, after about five years of using it I finally had time to experiment with overclocking earlier this year.
    I went straight from 3,3 ghz to 4,0 ghz without problems (only 10 degrees hotter but with the big cooler and fan no trouble this very hot summer).
    Conclusion: Slight improvement in games and slightly snappier handling, but nothing earth shattering.

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