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Thread: Looking for beta testing anniversary map

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    Looking for beta testing anniversary map

    Alright, Im bit desperate here, in june I pretty much finished my map, but even tho all was working fine in dromed, the whole game is crashing after choosing difficulty in regular playthrough. After that i had some personal stuff to do and I put this whole project away. Now im back, and well.. Maybe someone can figure out whats wrong? Also darkloader things its t2 game, I had to manually edit darkloader.ini in order for it to launch the map in thief 1.

    EDIT: It actually crashes before choosing difficulty, hmm
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    you should ask help here:

    Beta Testers won't volunteer themselves to test this mission if they can't launch it.

    I will gladly test your mission, but regarding that problem i don't know how to solve it.

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    good luck on mission mtk

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    I'm shifting this over to the Editor's Forum where you should be able to find someone to help you out.

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