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Thread: Underworld Ascendant beta

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    Underworld Ascendant beta

    The beta build is out. It's still a bit barebones and janky from what I played, but it feels like a real game now, even fun at times. The only question is if they manage to fix all the issues by launch or else I think it would be best to postpone the launch some more.

    Anyway, here's some footage from Youtube:

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    Isn't this kind of late for a beta for a game that's supposed to be released in a month?

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    It is. But that's how the whole development has been -- always slipping the next milestone.

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    I’m not going to play the new beta but judging by the small snippets I watched of the above video the look and feel of the game is miles better than the previous vertical slice. The voice overs still sound very corny though.

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    I only got 5 minutes into that video before I had to stop. The writing of mask guy just sounds like someone giving a dramatic reading of the game's design document.

    "Greetings, [ascendant]! You must unite the [factions]!"

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    That was Steven Russell though wasn't it? I hear he's been practicing acrobatics to go with the motion capture.

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    Not acrobatics, but he did have to practice floating above the ground.

    And yeah, both Stephen Russell and Terri Brosius are in the game.

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    It definitely feels more like a proper game already, but I'm still not sure what to think of it. The visual side seems pretty fine to me; it's not too cartoony and since the devs haven't got AAA resources, this sort of a look is more forgiving and works better. However, even on my new computer (admittedly a budget PC, but still) this current build doesn't run very well in some places. These were some larger areas with a few fancy lighting effects, but apart from that, they didn't seem all that special. I truly hope that it's all down to engine optimization, and that it's something that they'll fix before the release, but I'm still a bit worried.

    The physics still seem a bit wonky to me too, and as the physics is what they've been going on about since the first Kickstarter announcement, they really need to sort it out.

    Still, despite of my moaning I was still somewhat impressed by what I saw in the new backer build.

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    Kind of funny (and sad), the Kickstarter was so long ago that I just realized - I'm not going to be able to run this thing with my current PC. It wasn't too bad in 2015, but now it looks like it doesn't even meet the minimum reqs. Maybe they'll give me credit towards the PS4 version when it's released next year. Hopefully by then it'll be (mostly) bug free.

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    I can understand the beta being poorly optimized, but I noticed the recommended specs for the final game are pretty steep:
    - Intel CPU Core i7-6700
    - 16 GB RAM
    - Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 1080

    I have a 3840x1600 monitor, so I'm guessing I'll need a GTX 1080 Ti or RTX card to play this thing at the native resolution. Ouch!

    We're getting pretty close to the release date, and this is still looking kind of meh. Probably not worth upgrading for.

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