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Thread: Skin Deep - Blendo Imm Sim!

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    Skin Deep - Blendo Imm Sim!


    From the website:

    When insurance corporations want to keep valuables safe, they freeze you and stow you onto their cargo starships.

    And when space pirates board the starship and trip the silent alarm,
    you unthaw,
    take a deep breath,
    and handle the situation.

    Skin Deep is an immersive first-person shooter about sneaking, subverting, and sabotaging. You're outnumbered, outgunned, and have no shoes. Welcome aboard, operative.

    I am very hyped.

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    Coughing blood should be a default verb in video games, really.

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    This looks pretty cool, enjoyed all the blendo games so far.

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    I've had my ups and downs with Blendo games but they're always so interesting I get hyped for a new one.

    My personal Blendo ranking:
    30 Flights of Loving - Love it! <3
    Gravity Bone - Groundbreaking, awesome.
    Quadrilateral Cowboy - Flawed masterpiece.
    Fitz Packerton - Ok Blendo was only a part of the team that made this but it was very cool nonetheless.
    Atom Zombie Smasher - Meh.
    Flotilla 2 - Cool idea, but also it didn't work right. Initially it wouldn't start at all, and after that got fixed it didn't respond to commands from my right Oculus touch controller so I could only play it with my left hand. Blendo tried to fix it, but to no avail. Shame.

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    I mean I'm still massively irritated that Flotilla 2 was VR-only, but Homeworld in VR would essentially be a pathway to multiple sensory orgasms, so I understand the impetus.

    Anyway, dude stands out because he has design chops and verve, both of which are in seemingly limited quantity on a per-developer basis, never mind just one person. 'Super Video Graphics Array', huh? Nice to see that tendency for oldschool tech nostalgia is still working for him.

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    Here's a good a place as any to post this fine fine video. (not mine)

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    That's a nice video, and it reminds me that I should finally play Quadrilateral Cowboy. Are the pre-Gravity Bone games worth checking out as well?

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