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Thread: Garrett's Fingers

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    Garrett's Fingers

    Has anyone ever thought that Garrett's fingers must be very flexible and strong? Look how he reaches out for pieces of loot located on hardly accessible ledges and shelves. Or how he steals arrows from patrolling archers - we can see that his skills have improved in Thief 2. Very cool ability.

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    He also has interdimensional pockets, which is how he manages to fit all that loot, and still remain unencumbered

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    What the hacker lacks in toes and legs, he makes up for in his arms.
    In fact, the hacker has these wonderful gibbon arms that are thirteen foot long.
    Try this for yourself, start a new game and play with the Healing Suite.

    Walk up to the healing unit, and activate it.
    You'll get a pink flash and go back to full health.
    Now step back a few feet and try again.
    Try again. Find the point when you can't trigger it.
    13 feet?
    It may come as no surprise to learn than my player is often called Mr Gibbon.
    Now interestingly, the hacker can't reach across a gap.
    For example, later on in level 1, the hacker goes to blow up the CPU nodes.

    (This is 'normally' done by running in there, and lying on his belly in between
    the nodes, then suddenly banging a live frag grenade on the ground using his teeth.
    SHODAN announces that he'll kill you, but the robots are already mopping up the juice.)
    There is a warrior cyborg standing on a tower, one space away from you.
    When it's dead you should be able to search the body but you can't.
    The idea that you can't reach is out of the question. The problem is the gap between the two of you.

    It seems we are looking at a hacker with 13 foot long, boneless tentacles that snake across the ground but are unable to support their own weight.
    (from The Hacker's Guide to Sin)

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    Downwinder is that you?

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    i see post,my only comment is "climbing gloves" from thief 3

    also the most impressive thing about garretts fingers is a massive jump off a building hurdling downward and you nip an edge of another buildings edge/ledge climb up and take 0 damage,i happen to be real good at that in thief 1/gold/2 since new dark mantle

    also garretts lean forward can be abused in your favor in fan misson's the pros already know
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    I looked this up in my sons old AD&D books. Monks take no damage from falls, so keeper training plus thief skills practice gives him Monk abilities. Not too far fetched considering he also learned clerical skills in the series.

    Also, portable holes and bags of holding accounts for his unencumbered loot gathering.
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    i will admit i would love to play a turned based thief game,weather a card/dice game would be fun in a first person view,i also play d&din the 80's on paper but can never go back to that as its like cave drawings vs computers

    and user 3 you right about skills/abiltys/etc there was alot of things possible depending on class and alignment good/neutral/bad and sub ones like chaotic evil vs true neutral vs etc

    it is a bit sad magic was so dampend in later storyline/excluding gylphs pre thief 3

    but as far as fall damage garrett does take it unless you do the trick i mentioned,sometimes landed on a slanted area on a fall takes less damage too/etc

    now i wish thief had a skill tree to build different skills up to make even more variety in game

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    Never played AD&D, but I did referee some decisions when thier playing got argumentative.

    Perhaps check out newer games. Again, I never played any so don't know if it is similar.

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    yeah i am not into newer games at all,my last consoles was ps1 the first one and 3do

    i feel the game play is lacking compared to older games and super good graphics don't impress me late 1990- mid 2000's was my favorite gaming time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aemanyl View Post
    - we can see that his skills have improved in Thief 2. Very cool ability.
    I think his mechanical Eye increased his latent psionic abilities(AD&D ruleset), or perhaps it was the trauma of losing his eye in T1 (telekinetic). His Eye may be acting as a psionic amplifier, due to the Scouting Orb connectivity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    i see post,my only comment is "climbing gloves" from thief 3
    But you made more than one comment

    The climbing gloves are clearly magical. Unless they somehow have an extreme magnetic interaction with stone and brick molecules

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    azaran you are wrong about gloves being magical,they were bought by the dock in shop,magic taken out of thief 3 over all, the way they worked was like ninja gloves

    and my other comments were about d&d aspect of thief

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    ...magic taken out of thief 3 over all...
    Pardon me, do the clerics not use magic spells instead of weapons, isn't Gamall a witch using magic, etc. The premise of the Thief series is both science and magic exist. The ending cutscene only implies the magic of the keeper books, serving their purpose, has ended. Until the time loop begins again, another story.

    Yes, there are scientific explanations to climbing gloves. Sticky toys, in our world, have been around over a decade. Similar materials may be used but it doesn't rule out magical means.

    Do you believe there is a scientific explaination for moss arrows? Surely a gram or two of anything in our world is not going to deaden sound over a 3 meter area.
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    compared to what it was suppose to be magic is gone and post thief 3 no magic rumor is that thief 4 was going to be modern day/times,but not sci-fi with 0 magic

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    I am sure that modern day rumor lasted less than half a day with the development team. Sort of downgrades Garrett into a common pick-pocket or mugger. Oh, maybe, he would of had hacker skills which are not very action packed, hmm.

    More likely, the team was trying to make the thief toolsets more realistic. Moving the game to a Cthulhu equivalent villain(godlike beings that society writes off as nut-job hysteria).

    Oh maybe they wanted to make him like pop-culture Arrow tv series. That character had all kinds of fancy arrows.
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