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Thread: After 20 years of playing, I have an amateur question (Audio related)

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    After 20 years of playing, I have an amateur question (Audio related)

    Hi all,

    After 20 years of playing TDP, TG and Thief2, I realized that I have a question I did not ask anywhere yet, and my ears couldn't answer it correctly.

    What happens, if a fan mission doesn't have EAX supported rooms, but you do set the EAX on ingame? Will you still hear the sounds from the precise EAX directions? All I can hear in this case is every rooms sounds the same (which is normal since the FM authors of these missions did not set the room EAX type in DromEd).

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    No. You pretty much answered your own question. You won't hear anything different from the original.

    Also, you may want to take a look at some external software that allows different EAX-like effects. One for instance (if you're not using something like Sound Blaster) is Realtek's audio drivers and then adjust the settings to something you would like to hear throughout the rooms. They have some audio settings already setup for you, such as "Parking lots", "Forests", Auditoriums", etc...

    If your system supports it, you can also take a look into Razer Surround Sound with specific EAX adjustments.
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