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Thread: what om thief character is scariest to you

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    what om thief character is scariest to you

    for me its the scarecrow that comes to life,not sure if he has a name ,but first time it happened i did get a bit scared forgot mission ,thief 2 i think and it is possible it was a fan mission but cant be sure ,i want to say om's had it first but i might be wrong

    so what scares you the most as a character from thief

    and happy Halloween to all "devs ad a small pumpkin smilie" would be nice to see one for each holiday

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    Hammer Haunts. They scared the bejesus out of me when I first played Thief. I thought they couldn't be killed, y'see. I had to sneak about, timing patrols, listening for jangling chains and all that mularkey. When I did finally figure out they could indeed be sent to oblivion, they lost some of their terrifying allure.
    Still bowel looseningly ghastly, though... shudder..!

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    Easy. The first zombie on the floor in the mines below "Cragscleft Prison." Scared the bejeebus out of me the first time I encountered it, and the "dead body" just stood up and started tearing away at me with those awful hands. And making horrific wheezing sounds. (Hey, I was 9!)

    But while that was the scariest individual moment, I quickly realized that zombies were too slow to be any true deterrent. After that, the two enemies that could give me prolonged feeling of dread were the Hammer Haunts in the haunted cathedral, and the puppets in the cradle.

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    Haunts and Cradle Puppets (Thief 3). But I'm also very wary of Bugbeasts, they're slow, but hard to kill, and extremely dangerous with their stinging fly swarms. Like zombies with projectile advantage

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    Well, I really find red spider beasts from Thief 1/Gold scary. And regardless of OMs and FMs, I really hate it when a haunt or a group of haunts are running after me, I have limited health left, and I feel that they can hit me anytime, but I don't dare to look back since that would mean they can catch me.

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    The first time I got to The Haunted Cathedral. The backwards talking Hammer apparitions freaked me right out.

    I had the same thing happen to me trefoilknot. I didn't expect the dead body to get up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azaran View Post
    Cradle Puppets (Thief 3).

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    Yes Hammerite Haunts for sure. Second, red spiders. I hate regular haunts, but you can outrun them at least.

    There was a FM where statues of guards came alive. Canít remember which mission that was, but it scared the crap out of me.

    Mostly what scares me is when you donít see an enemy and all of a sudden they are in your face. That is the charm about Thief though.

    20 years of getting the crap scared out of us and pretty much for free. Isnít that great?

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    Those statues came alive in The Den by Gaetane (4th and last mission of L'Arsene series).

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    I also did the statue thing in The Mask of Agamemnon.

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    OK I'll admit it...Brother Murus. Getting through the chapel area in RTC was the most nerve wracking part of the game for me. So when I opened the door to the courtyard and saw Murus's apparition I just f---ing froze. My blood ran a few degrees colder...I could not move....a paralyzed taffer I was! I don't know how long I stayed there but it seemed forever. Then I could hear a zombie coming up from behind so I moved quickly through the door, closed it and hopped on the low ledge to right and crouched in the corner. Murus didn't move towards me or seem to take any notice so I began to calm down. Looking closer I could better make out his face and of course now he doesn't look so scary! Well we all know how the rest goes but for those few moments...yep that was as scared as I ever remember being while playing an OM save possibly a moment or two in The Cradle.

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    For me it's always been the Trickster. Just something about him that is terrifying. The scary, booming voice, maybe. I've definitely had dreams that I'm trying to hide and he's searching for me- tearing apart my house and calling out to me all the while.

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    ohh i am also scared of the unreleased queen bug beast i saw in a thief 1 video once,she is white skinned and freaky as hell,she also spits up bug clusters,wish i had a pic to show you

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    The little girl holding Dewdrop, some FM designers changed her into something horrible and now she creeps me out.
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    you mean lily the ghost^

    and yeah i seen some brutal things fm map makers have done to innocent dewdrop,some just to spite me

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    and yeah i seen some brutal things fm map makers have done to innocent dewdrop,some just to spite me
    That might be a bit of a stretch

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    you mean lily the ghost^

    and yeah i seen some brutal things fm map makers have done to innocent dewdrop,some just to spite me
    If it's real, serves you right !

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    Characters that carry glowing objects with them, like guards with lanterns or fire elementals. For a creature of the night, they might as well have an aura of deadly neurotoxin around them. Will they keep a safe distance so that you can blackjack them Ė or stumble right into your pool of shadows? Who knows!

    Also, not om but in Chalice of Souls: With the Snow as Sole Witness (what a wild mission), there's a demonic looking statue at the end of a narrow hallway. When you pick up some loot in front of it and back away again, it suddenly rushes towards you and you get instakilled. It's kinda expected and can be prevented by a hidden button, but I always have to think of that thing when its model is used in other missions.

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