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Thread: Roombrushing an outside level?

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    Roombrushing an outside level?

    I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to attach a room brush when my level is outside? I've made one huge airbrush to carve out empty space, and placed a solid brush with a core texture. However I can't seem to get the roombrush working to give me sound when walking on the surface.

    None of the tutorials I found seemed to cover this so I'm not sure if there's a specific technique I need to use, since I don't technically have any rooms yet.

    I've tried encasing the huge airbrush in a roombrush which didn't work, and I've tried creating a room brush for the solid surface that's using a core texture, then I extended it high enough so Garrett is inside the room brush but the centre dot is still within the solidbrush, but still no sound?

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    The center of the room brush cannot be in solid. Encasing the huge airbrush in a room brush will work, but not if the center of the room brush is in solid. Also, it's a bad idea, usually, to make one large room brush around your entire outside area (huge air brush). This can lead to sound propagation in ways that you may not want, but this is a complex issue that will need some explaining. For now, just to see if it's working, that should be fine.

    Also, the room brush should be slightly larger than the air brush it surrounds. If you select the air brush so it is highlighted in the wireframe and then hit Shift_Insert, dromed will make a room brush around that air brush and size it properly automatically.

    One last thing. You said you used a "core" texture. I assume you mean from the texture family "core". If so, that should be fine. If you use a custom texture, or if you rename a stock texture, you will need manually drag that texture into the right folder in the texture hierarchy. But don't worry about that if you are not using a custom texture.

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    Got it working, I just forgot to add the player factory marker, so that's why sounds weren't working. So it works when I have the room brush extended pretty far above the solid surface and with the centre dot inside or outside it.

    Now i'm trying to assign the EAX value for the roombrush, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out. I saw another post saying that you can't set it until you calculate the room database, however I can't find this option. Another tutorial said to press the compile button with the roombrush selected, but that isn't working either. Any ideas?

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    While I'm here I might aswell ask: I'm trying to make an island, I have my water set up and am trying to make terrain.

    My original plan was to use probably hundreds of dodecahedron's to make the terrain not just completely flat, I realized this was pretty inefficient, so my next plan was to make a huge cube about 500x500 and then carve into it using airbrush dodecahedron's and cubes... I'm not sure if this is the best way to build terrain or not, but I've got another problem now. When I tried to make the cube, it caused my water to change to a red texture, in the editor view it's Jorge, and in the game view it's a red version of Jorge. It goes back to normal if I make the cube smaller, so I tried making 5 cubes that were each 500x100 to make the full 500X500 cube, but the issue seems to be directly linked to the size because this didn't work either.

    Am I doing anything fundamentally wrong here? I could try splitting the water into multiple brushes when the terrain is built, so I could shape the water around the island, but I'm not sure if any of my plans are good ways of doing this.

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    You've most likely got the flow brush centre in solid now you've placed the island - that'll be why the water's red. Split the flow brush into two and ensure the centre of the flow brush is in water not solid.

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