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    Quote Originally Posted by Cipheron View Post
    Let's face it: that symbol now means the coup attempt to overthrow American democracy. Neutrality on the symbol now means you're staking a position of impartiality on whether USA should become a fascist junta or remain a representative democracy.
    I hold out some hope that American conservatism's turn toward radicalism is ultimately self-defeating, but it's scary to be part of a country that's taken so many steps on the road to fascism.

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    PS5 update: my refund is processing; should have it any day now.

    And in the meantime, I got a notification that Costco had bundles in stock, so fuck it! Bought one. Here we go again! This time with a doorbell camera that I installed on the weekend

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    Still time for a xmas miracle.

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    The nice thing about ordering from Amazon on expensive stuff is you can have it delivered to a locker at a nearby Whole Foods or something similar, and then just pick it up there.

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    Playstation arrived safe and sound, finally, although the replacement courier, UPS, just left it on my doorstep without ringing the bell or leaving a slip despite the fact that it clearly said that a signature was required on the tracking app. So hear's a last sloshing of disappointment and hatred over all of the American courier companies (Canada Post is the only delivery service that's been reliable this year). But much love for the PS5 itself, that I'll talk about in the nice thread <3

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    If you want to see some karma, there's a guy who makes glitter/stink bombs for package thieves every year:

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