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Thread: Stan Lee R.I.P

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    Stan Lee R.I.P

    Comic book legend and cameo appearance specialist, Stan Lee, has passed away aged 95.

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    may he R.I.P.

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    Rest in peace. Who's going to do those cameos now?

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    Apparently he's filmed a bunch in advance.

    Or is that made up?

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    He created the only superhero character I identified with as a kid. Batman was all gadgets and wackiness and Superman was impervious but Spiderman was relatable. He had problems in his personal life. He was vulnerable in both sides of his character. He didn't always win but he always fought. He always gave it his all and managed a few humorous quips along the way. He had relationship troubles but always loved his aunt May. He was a good role model because life doesn't always go your way but if you keep getting up a lot of good things happen.

    Excelsior, Stan.

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    Rest in peace mate. Thank you for all the great comics, movies, tv shows and video games that were made possible because of you.

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