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Thread: Thief: The Dark Project Pre-Release Media Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purgator View Post
    I've always thought that the ogre pictured was being held captive in Cragscleft Prison. Perhaps Cragscleft was his home before the Hammers fashioned it into their infamous Hoosegow.
    The most possible explanation is that LGS put random monsters in Cragscleft level just for the sake of beta testing and preview screenshots.

    This ogre is an outtake from earlier Dark Camelot project:

    Less likely, but more intriguing explanation is that there could have been an additional objective to examine the mysterious creature incarcerated behind the locked door. Look at the chest of the creature:

    1) The ogre accidentally ventured into the upper parts of the mines and got captured by the Hammerites.
    2) The creature was so strong that they had to put it into chains in an unused storage room.
    3) It eventually broke the chains and roams freely in the locked room.
    4) When the Hammers are torturing prisoners, they show them the ogre, in order to intimidate them.

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    Random monsters is consistent with the "Haunts everywhere" thing they have going on elsewhere.

    Looks like they had the Ogre around for a while, probably before they made other models.

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    i also like the cylinder shaped headed mech,to think a person would be inside would have made karrass seem even more evil,the way they turned out being pure machine made them less of a threat in my view and how fat they ended up

    i am sure we all been in the situation where a mech beast is after you and it get stuck trying to get through a narrow doorway ,making it a lot easier to be safe

    but if they would have used first model it would have been harder in game to get away from them

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    The Madame in The Chalice of Souls is based on the early Viktoria design.

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    Did the hammers really have to chain the ogre's nips too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TannisRoot View Post
    Did the hammers really have to chain the ogre's nips too?
    Maybe that's why the haunts ended up having chain sounds. They could have built those for the ogre and then carried them over later.

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    This is a great little documentary piece about the development of Thief 1. Presented as a collage of developer quotes ordered as discussions describing the earliest nuggets of the project to the final release of Thief: The Dark Project.


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    Lots of great stuff here. Thanks for posting!

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
    Pre-Release article with early game info written by Al Giovetti in 1996/97:
    For this --^, the Internet Wayback Machine helps. Here is a snapshot from Dec. 1998 with all but one of the lefthand images showing up:

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