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Thread: Patriot is coming soon

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    Patriot is coming soon

    Happy 20th anniversary of Thief first release!
    Now I can get out of shadows and say that my new big campaign (I were working at for last 10 years) is almost ready. Want to know details? Wish to see trailer? You are welcome!

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    Registered: Apr 2011
    Wow. That looks like an epic!

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    Registered: Oct 2012
    Location: UK
    Holy crap Zontik - this looks bloody amazing!
    This (and the 20-odd T1 FMs about to be released)... what a grand old time for us Thief fans.
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    Holy smokes.

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    Yes finally, ive been waiting for this campaign for a long time, those are great news Yuri, i can't wait to play it.

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    Registered: Mar 2012
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    Zontik, наконец-то ты заявил миру о своем проекте. Я специально зашел проверить.

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    Zontik: This is amazing WOW!! The trailer and screen shots are great!!!
    I can not wait for this to come out.

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    Soul Tear, чтобы добить комюнити осталося еще тебе сделать релиз следуйшей миссии или проекта через неделю

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    This is looking good!

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    I've been waiting for this for this (11 mission IIRC) campaign so so long.....

    Thank you Zontik for dedicating 10 years of your life to making what could possibly be one of the most mind blowing (in visuals at least) FM's ever.

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    Have all texts translated in italian but maps and signs looks to be a tough job.

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    Texts are the most critical thing. Images need much more effort and worth less.

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    Congratulations on (almost) finishing this project! Looks like a very ambitious one.
    I never realized it was in production, so it's great to get such a surprise. The trailer promises a lot, so I'm looking forward to it.

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    Blimin Heck...well done you!

    I Am looking forwards to release!

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    Glad this day is coming. The thing looks really gorgeous, hope you get it finished.

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    Holy crap, that looks unbelievable

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    I can tell you is that Patriot is like nothing you've ever seen before.

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    A new big FM campaign to look forward to? Awesome! Looks great, and I wish you well in finishing it up.

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    wow super impressive looking i cant wait till it comes out you make amazing missions too

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    This looks biblical, looking forward!

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    What wonderful news - can barely believe it: an 11 mission pack from Zontik!

    Thanks for coming out of the shadows Zontik - really looking forward to the release of Patriot.

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