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Thread: Announcing Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest - Nov 30, 2018

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    There is already an official voting system in place, as described in the original post. I just haven't made the page public yet as I'm waiting on it to be updated with the final missions. Hopefully tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Seeing as this is a contest, you taffers get to vote for your favorite mission. The voting period starts right now and will last until March 1st, 2019. Mission voting is presented as 3 categories worth 10 points each — Atmosphere, Gameplay and Story, or a general score of 30 without categories. Voters can choose either system to score missions. Be advised that judges may deduct up to 5 points per submission if contest rules were broken.

    You can vote for each entry by following this link: WILL GO LIVE SOON

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    First, congratulations to the authors. I can't wait to play all of these missions. Second, I'm having a slight problem and was almost too embarrassed to post here about it. I've been playing Thief 2 FM's successfully for the past two years, ever since I replaced my damaged hard drive. Problem is, I'm drawing a blank right now on how to play these new TG FM's with FmSel. I have just installed the GOG version of TG and put all of the new contest missions in a separate folder from my T2 ones. Any help on what to do next would be greatly appreciated Thanks.

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    @joinusnow: Either launch Thief Gold with the -fm argument, or edit cam_mod.ini and remove the semicolon from the ";fm" line. Then launch Thief, and the FM selector will open, and prompt you for paths and so on.

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    Sorry, I am still having problems. I went and opened the Thief Gold file and can't find folders with either name. I don't know why I'm having these problems and it's really upsetting right now. I must have done this before when I set it up for T2 missions.

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    @ Joinusnow

    Here's a screenshot of how your TG folder should look like. If you bought from GOG you should have a !FMSelect (see screenshot) shortcut somewhere in your folder, all you need to do use that.

    Alternatively there will be a cam_mod folder (it will only show the .ini if you have allowed your comp to show extensions). In your cam_mod folder, at the top you find these lines.

    ; FM options
    ; ----------

    ; FM selection can also be done with command-line options (which override mod.ini)
    ; -fm : to start the FM Selector
    ; -fm=name : to start game with 'name' as active FM

    ; always start the FM Selector (if one is present)

    Remove the semi-colon from before fm on the last line then save. After that when you launch TG the FMsel box will launch instead, from there you'll need to direct FMsel where your TG FM's are stored.

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    An incredible amount of work!

    Thanks, and congratulations!

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    Big cheers for everyone involved, both creators and players, new and old alike! This community is quite something else.
    Thank you.

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    My GOG version of TG, which was an older version I saved on a backup disc, does not contain the cam_mod.ini file of FMsel. I guess I can just install the game from the original disc, but then there's the issue of installing the FMsel. It's really looking like I'm going to have to sit this one out and keep on playing T2 FM's, and I have a feeling it will be a long while before new ones come out. I feel like I am getting dumber, the older I get. I want to thank every one who tried to help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joinusnow View Post
    I guess I can just install the game from the original disc, but then there's the issue of installing the FMsel.
    Install the GOG version afresh, and then use TFix to update it and install newdark, fmsel, and so on.

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    Downloading them now and about to play them.

    It's honestly insane how there are 24 brand new Thief Gold missions to play, who ever knew that Thief 1 would actually get this many missions at once let alone in a whole year again

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    Hi fellow thieves,

    long-time lurker and thief veteran from Germany here. Fell in love with the first game in the late 90s at the age of 8 or 9, can't exactly remember. Discovered the fan mission community some years back, and have been a ttlg visitor weekly (sometimes daily) for a long time now. Finally managed to register due to this fantastic contest!

    First of all: Thanks a lot to all of you, this is one of the greatest fan communities ever, and a true testament to the ongoing force and quality of the original games (Dark Projekt and Metal Age). I've been following this contest since it started, and 24 missions is beyond belief - thanks again to all the builders, enthusiasts, testers and general supporters!! Just started with Melan's Rose Garden, because I had anticipated a Disorientation-style city mission, and rooftop action is my favorite terrain!

    Just a general question here: I've followed the instructions and installed the Fix 1.26a without all the Thief 2 enhancement stuff. Should that have overwritten any enhancement textures etc. from the previous fix (1.24)? So far, the mission is working just fine, apart from a small AI problem and arrow errors, but those can occur according to the info file.

    Cheers and more power to you!

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    Updated my scoresheet to contain "Completed" and "Notes" columns:


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    I hope you're all having a grand time with the missions! It's great to see this place buzzing with activity.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    I have added a link to the voting page to the original post, and it is also here:

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    May I ask the reason why The Scarlet Cascabel was delayed for download but The Upward Spiral was excluded from being a contest entrant.

    I assume The Scarlet Cascabel was submitted in time but you discovered an problem with the file, whereas The Upward Spiral was not submitted in time.

    But I assume according to the rules the file needs to fully functional at the time of the mission releases, so did you bend the rules in any way?

    Personally I don't have a problem with that, but feel that if that was the case maybe we could allow The Upward Spiral to also be counted as a contest mission. After all the Upward Spiral was released at 9.23 and The Scarlet Cascabel at 11.16.

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    The Upward Spiral has some custom resources. Obviously it was made for the contest.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    The Scarlet Cascabel was submitted on time and not modified after that point. The delay was in getting it posted to the hosting sites. Also, the author of The Upward Spiral never contacted us about submitting his mission for the contest, he just announced it yesterday on his own, so I assume he didn't want it to be included.

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    Thank you for that clarification.

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    Our little contest has been written up here:

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    Just a clarification: To be able to play my mission (Darkness Walk With Us!) you do not need to have TFix installed. But if you do have it already, you need to make sure it is upgraded to 1.26a or later.
    TFix is not necessary, but the older versions have a bug that break my mission.

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    AWESOME!!! Can't wait to dig into these! Thanks to all mission builders, etc!!!

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    Thank you everyone for doing such a great job of continuing the support and legacy of a game that is unlike any other seen before. I've loved the Thief franchise since it came out. Now, I look forward to playing all the 24 new fan missions in the coming days and weeks. It's because of you who want to keep the Thief series alive. Pretty much, I can say that with 24 missions to play and explore, it's a completely new Thief game using the classic Dark Engine. Almost like it can be called Thief Gold 2 or something like that. Anyway, cheers to 20 years of taffing around with the guards in huge mansions and other enemies seen in the game and I look forward to another 20 years for more fan mission excitement and always being a taffer!
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    25 missions (one with 2 missions). All put together, this is like nearly 2 whole new Thief games. This is beyond anything I could have imagined...

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    Yeah, true and I was playing that mission that had 2 missions put together, the "Catacombs of Knoss" I just finished part 1, now I'm stuck on part 2. There's a locked door in the crypt, but I can't seem to find a key to open it. Overall, this is awesome! It is like a complete new Thief game. Thanks to the authors and dromeders.

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    Thanks to all the authors and support people! This will be a Merry Christmas and beyond.
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