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Thread: Announcing Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest - Nov 30, 2018

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    Thanks again to everyone for your time and effort!

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    Yes, huge thanks to everyone!

    It's almost been stressful scoring these missions. I've spent the last couple of weeks replaying missions and tweaking my scores. So many great missions of completely different styles and flavors!

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    Just BARELY made it! Finished the last mission this morning and posted my votes just now. WHEW. I'll just echo everyone else: this contest was amazing, and every author should be proud.

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    Just to be clear for everyone not familiar with GMT, are you saying that the deadline is 4:00 PM Pacific Time today, Feb 28?

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    Yes, it will be 7:00PM EST and 4:00PM PST today for folks in the states. Which is in 4.5 hours.

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    Thanks for the clarification. Saying "Midnight on March 1st" was slightly confusing since I tend to think of midnight as the "middle of the night" on that day, rather than the commencement of that day.

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    Right, I understand. Technically, though, midnight is 00:00 which is the start of the new day.

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    It's been so much fun to play and score these missions over the last few months. It's made me happier than Scrooge McDuck swimming through his piles of gold!

    So much talent on show here and great to see all TDP still has to offer. Thanks to all you Master Builders and all involved

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Just a reminder that you have only a little over 24 hours left to vote! The poll will close at midnight GMT on Mar 1.
    Did it yesterday ...

    I finished playing all FMs a few weeks ago, so I reloaded savegames of all of them in order to refresh my impressions for a fair vote.

    Can't wait for the results, may the best author win!
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