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Thread: TDP20AC Mission — Darkness Walk With Us! (11/30/2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haplo View Post
    The pressure plates in front of the book: In each row there are four tiles on the floor and three on the walls. The tile that is not shown on the wall is safe to step on.
    Hah, I never noticed the walls at all! I reasoned that the four tiles in the center of the room in front of the pressure plate showed a circle leading to a forward-pointing triangle, and beside that, a backward pointing triangle leading to a circle. So I stepped on the circle (so far so good), then the forward-pointing fleur-de-lis, then... I got stumped. Through trial and error I found the next safe tile was the lions holding a cup, but couldn't figure out how that matched up to the backward triangle. But then the last safe one was the circle again, so my theory was proven "correct" — was this just sheer coincidence?

    Had a lot of fun in this mission, but got really lost with all the backtracking and keys/levers opening new passages. Far and away my favourite bit was the fire-shadow guardian! Not a difficult puzzle to figure out (though initially I thought it was a bug that it just froze as I approached the room!), but a very entertaining puzzle to actually execute. Took me a few seconds to realise the roof was coming down at the end, and only just avoided being crushed in the nick of time. I thought I'd missed something when I found the Keeper key before having killed or even found the second guardian, but I learnt my lesson quickly. And the way to kill it was also pretty clever. Lots of variety and a lot of fun! It took me 2:04, and I found 7334/8704 loot. And knockouts: 36, of which 3 were frogbeasts

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    IMO, this mission is awesome. I had a great time slowly making my way through all those puzzles. Needed the help in the thread about the fire key but got through the rest on my own. (Was pretty good at keeping mental notes of 'passages not yet tried' and 'passages that may open later'.)

    Initially, when I finally found that 'fireplace key', I thought I was about 95% done with the mission...and it turned out to be more like 15%...

    Not asking for the technical side of how it was done, but I thought the "Objective Complete" message was 'Thief 2 only'. And the same with the loot item 'scattered coins'.

    I never found a need for the Bridge Spell. Did I miss something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jiansonz View Post
    I never found a need for the Bridge Spell. Did I miss something?
    It creates a magical bridge across the lava in that same room the moment you read it. Did you just not need that bridge, or did you read the spell before you'd even noticed there wasn't a bridge?

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