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Thread: TDP20AC Mission Downtowne Funk (11/30/2018)

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    Thanks, Pedro! Glad you enjoyed it.

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    i though i made a certain post on this but i guess i dident ,but i wanted to say i hope to see a part 2 with the donald's place the other half of the downwinder thieves guild

    the idea of deeper backstorys always was a big interest to me in fan missions to give them way more depth of character

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    This is the most atmospheric mission of the contest for me so far, although I have only played seven including this one. I especially like the modified classic guard skins and the beautiful yet non-typical city architecture.

    When I first started to play, I thought this is an anonymus mission because I forgot to read the readme properly, and as I started discovering the place, I thought that the author must be Skacky, but the place also felt strangely smooth and modern (in a good way) compared to a skacky mission. Skacky/melan style of simple-in-a-good way missions is a lot more simple.

    Nice one!

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    Finished on expert with loot 5637 out of 6777. I wonder what kind of loot am I missing, since I feel I have been everywhere.

    Any major loot spots I possibly miss?

    Favourite mission so far!

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    I really liked this one. Had a lot of the Thief 1 style with a few NewDark extras like transparency on some objects. Very straightforward and not hard to figure out what to do just like most of the original Thief/Thief Gold missions as well.

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