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Thread: TDP20AC Mission Downtowne Funk (11/30/2018)

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    I feel like people are sleeping on this mission, which is a shame because it's kind of fantastic.

    - As soon as the mission made it apparent that it was revisiting sections from Thieves' Guild, I was wary. I haaaaate that mission. Seriously. It might be my single least favorite level in any game I've ever completed. THAT SAID, I'm happy that the original layout was all but ignored.
    - I loved how true to the OM's this mission felt. It could have been pulled straight from the original TDP campaign. To be honest, I wish this is what we got in Thief Gold instead of the never-ending slog that was Thieves Guild.
    - There were so many nooks and crannies in this level! If I were to describe it in two words it would be "deceptively simple." You see all of these unfrobbable closed doors and think "oh, this is going to be a linear one." NOPE!
    - The Garrett voice acting was on point in this mission.
    - Terrific gameplay design! It's huge, but I was never lost. Perfect use of gates to force a slow, gradual exploration.

    Even though I've played missions with more razzle-dazzle at this point, I feel like this one is truest to the spirit of the contest (if that makes any sense at all).

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    Just completed this excellent mission! It definitely felt like an OM. I kept thinking that it's what Thieves Guild should have been. I liked the many enterable buildings. Loot was tricky towards the end, but I got there with enough exploring.

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    Thanks for your comments, everyone. TheMike, your comments basically outline exactly what I was going for with this mission, so I'm happy to hear it was successful.

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    Quite the sneaky loot hunt, but I did quite well in scrounging as I went. I found some 56-something before going to the end screen or diving deeper for loot. Followed up with a few leads from the key I had as well the two remaining locks to bring the total up with an additional well hidden piece of loot with quite the value.

    6672 and so close to getting it all and I found quite a few tricky pieces already - I'm getting pretty good at collecting most of the loot without tips or dromed cheating.

    Great mission as usual: ordinary but quite fun. The architecture and detail was a still noticeably too good in the new areas compared to the OM portions, but that is a good problem. The story is interesting especially the twist. It did have some a thieves' highway feel, just with the street paths nearby.
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    Where do i find the information?

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    There is a wall cache behind a painting in Reuben's bedroom. Look for a switch behind the bed on the right side.

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    now i'm playing this mission on expert, but how can i get out of the first district?

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    Get to the building in the extreme NE corner of this part of the map, and find a lift down into the tunnels.

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    This mission had lots of atmosphere and lots to explore just excellent. The translucent windows, grate and pipe steam and " particle effects " were very cool Thank you

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    Just finished. Superb mission with a great T1 feel. Loved the game play and the architecture. I missed a number of the frobbable windows the first time through but I think I got most of them when I backtracked a bit. This one really felt like the original. My favorite was all the rooms off of rooms that it seemed to to on and on. I love exploration and this mission had plenty of that.

    Thanks for hours of fun.

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