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Thread: TDP20AC Mission In & Out (11/30/2018)

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    I can't seem to locate the hammer, looped all around, even warped back to the church, which level is it on?

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    It's in front of the portal leading back to the church.

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    Excellent mission!!! When Garrett said something about the MAW I knew this one was going to be intense. Those craymen with boobs cracked me up!! 10 out 10!!

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    I kinda want to replay and check every creature to see which ones were different now, having sneaked most of them I didn't notice if they'd changed (e.g. people talking about the zombies being different).

    Great mission, there's been a few in this contest that go for a similar strategy, but this was well-executed and not too difficult.

    But goddamn, there being a threat underwater is so alien to me when playing Thief

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    When I started to ghost this mission my main concern was escape route. In the Nave there was always 5 or 6 fast Aliens and naked Ratmen and also I didn't found on second floor connection between one side of the church with the one with escape window. So I was forced my way through the front door. I imagined that in order to ghost this mission instead of activating portal, I will need to return to Downwinder Hideout and do some crazy stack of the boxes. 3 min of ghosting and I found the route from starting point after portal to the window. Which is pretty embarrassing for me that I couldn't find it during normal playthrough.

    The mission is quite challenging and ghosting the mission was definitely better than playing it normally. It really surprised me how easy is to navigate catacombs. I was getting lost a lot of time during my killing all undeads run. I skipped the purse in spider cave, because there was too much traffic of spiders. I also skipped underwater tunnels mostly because of Craymen walking underwater. Cave with 2 Aliens and red rock switch was challenging to ghost.

    The return to the church was a little weird. I entered the library and noticed that a Hammerite and novice is dead. The second novice was alive, which surprised me a lot, because I thought that all AI automatically change into dead. Alive novice found the bodies and ran away alerted. How in the world he survived while his colleagues dropped dead?

    And when I thought that I have solved all my problems, I arrived to the window. I realize that window is a little too high to retrieve rope arrow without damage. But I didn't want to go to Nave. That was quite a riddle for me. I needed to jump from one wooden beam to other and finally jump to the roof below. It took me 30 lives, but finally I did it. It's interesting that author predicted that and put fruit on the window sill. But I wasn't saved yet, because falling from this roof still hurts. In my attempt to jump onto street lamp, I slipped and fall onto corpse, which cushioned my fall.

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    Really enjoyed this one, I liked the tomb section the best!

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    i just love this mission,its going to be a classic forsure,played it for the second time and still so much fun,if you like finding all the loot and a lot of exploration this is the mission for you

    i did have something happen on second run through one of the bug beast triggered one the rocks teleports,i had no idea they can turn them on,she was agro after i black jacked her mate,and yes i put her down with gas arrow but as she was going passed rock i heard trigger sound,after gassing her checked rock not frobable so she did it great touch ,maybe she was going to escape also

    amazing mission guys in my view top 3 forsure,when it comes to matching the feeling of thief 1 simply amazing

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