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Thread: TDP20AC Mission — Lost Among The Forsaken (11/30/2018)

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    I'll follow Melan and post comments I received on the mission, thanks to Yandros. Regarding players who complained about the mission being confusing, it was the main idea of the mission, hell it's even in the title, though I admit I went a bit overboard this time and I apologise if you didn't injoy it because of that

    How to say... when the king of atmosphere is now trying to bring a good gameplay and telling a story at the same time? Well, it deserves a (27/30)

    WOW,i cant believe i made it out alive.

    Beautiful architecture, well fleshed out lore and readables. I felt the mission was much moodier and eerie before the zombies and supernatural monsters showed up (as well as more fun) but that's a personal preference and this was an amazingly well realised Old Quarter-style mission. I have some suspicions about the 'anonymous' author(s?) on account of how sublime the street layout and architecture was, but previous contests have taught me not to assume an author's identity

    Best looking FM in the contest so far. great map design

    Superb map, thoroughly surpasses the original Haunted Cathedral OM.

    "This mission bounced off me pretty hard, which is a shame - the quality is evident, but... I don't know. Something didn't stick. I aim to play this mission again for a second opinion.

    In the event I don't, well... props have to be given to the level of detail involved here - it is simply staggering. Its also lovely to see somebody utilise the proverbial mission goldmine that is the Sealed Quarter.

    Medwick Tower and the church beyond it were easily the most visually striking parts of the whole level - which made it heartwrenching that you couldn't go in.

    That burning zombie was absolutely terrifying."

    This was another Masterpiece i loved in this contest, the scenarios are very well design, all paths and areas are connected by multiple paths in a interesting way, the style with the old/dirty textures, the dark atmosphere, the canals/sewers the architecture design is captivating .I loved the fact that there are frobable mushrooms that helped me to identify areas not yet explored. the gameplay was very enjoyable, exploring all the hidden areas from up and down. there was enough ammunition to deal with the undeads. The puzzle for the family tombs was not very clear has it led me to multiple interpretations, but other than that this is a high quality production.

    Very well done Sealed Quarter. Excellent atmosphere, that can rarely be found in other missions.

    Great Mission, I was lost so many time.

    A challenging undead mission that is big and easy to get lost in. Definitely memorable (especially when you first enter the sealed quarter). No reason, though, given for finding the various items.

    Traversing the sealed section of Old Quarter infested with hordes of undead was one theme of the original Thief I was hoping to revisit. This mission certainly delivered in that regard. Especially for using stock-derived resources, this mission looked stellar and very fitting for such a desolate place. The level design was masterfully constructed to strike a balance between being fun to explore, being disorienting, and having such a mass of locations to visit. Nearly everything here was done well. It was as if Thief's Haunted Cathedral was multiple times its size and with far more branching paths to take. Playing on expert, I certainly had to search to achieve the loot requirement. The flaming super-zombie was a nice touch, and fittingly terrifying to deal with.

    I have a feeling I know who's behind this, since I was heavily reminded of navigating Rocksbourg the whole time I played it. I think it's a little more maze-like than it needs to be, given the volume of zombies. Still, the atmosphere is brilliant, and the story is reasonably well told. I was having lots of fun when I wasn't completely lost.

    With a massive and labyrinthine layout inhabited with some scary new enemies, this decaying city is the best "Sealed Section"-type mission I've ever played.

    Dirty, smelly, dilapidated,...I loved it! Perhaps the best Abandoned Quarter map ever done.

    Fantastic atmosphere, Haunted cathedral on steroids. Bit too mazelike is only criticism.

    This one had a chance to be truly fantastic and didn't quite make it there.

    "Atmosphere – 10
    Everything worked perfectly to create an atmosphere of threat and mystery (and dust). Visual effects, including particles and light sources were abundant and top-notch. The altered stock sounds were given a new life and worked well. I also very much liked the new meshes made from stock materials. But what impressed me the most was the astonishing design of the city. The alleys, the interiors, the roofs, the towers were all just spectacular. Can’t see anything that could’ve been done better in that department. Hats off.

    Gameplay – 9
    It was a lot of fun to scour all the abandoned, rusty locations in the district. I found the mission very rewarding as virtually every route led to a new discovery. Most locations were accessible from many points, including horizontal and vertical dimensions. Provided map was finely-crafted and though it wasn’t enough to pinpoint your exact location, at least it gave some idea of where you are. Now, the mission did not forgo a few overpowered zombie-runners. I also found the additional enemies popping out on the way back unnecessary and unjustified. However, personally I’m willing to let it pass this time given how slight an impact it had on overall feel.

    Story – 8
    The readables were plentiful and contributed wonderfully to the general feel of the mission. I was able to immerse in the world more and more because of them. I felt some of the described themes could have been developed more thoroughly than just mentioned once as they had great potential. All in all (though some lines were a bit too similar to passages from the original game), the narrative worked well with the rest.

    "Only deducted points for those bullshit sanic fire zombies.

    Otherwise overall fantastic mission god damn."

    "Jesus christ that was terrifying at times.

    Atmosphere was SOLID, fantastic detail, sound-design, and most importantly, enemy-design; someone has definitely been taking notes from old Half-Life horror mods. The main objective treasure room was horrifying. Wouldn't want to get entombed in there...

    Gameplay was...disorienting. I think this added to the experience, but was at least slightly frustrating at times. The enemy design is the saving-grace here.

    Story was very well executed. The atmosphere really just amplified it here.

    Other random ratings:

    FM Name:
    7.5 / 10"

    Just fantastic in every way. You nailed this and in my opinion its a classic mission period.


    One of the best undead misisons I have played. Difficult labaryntine map with vertical content. Hard to keep bearings. The map was not very helpful, only a general guide for rough direction. Abandoned ghosting and started BJing and killing. All that was its charm, on the one hand, and some frustration on the other. Very satisfying to complete on Expert with all 6 of the ancient items.

    "The art of improving and expanding an original game mission. Here is how I would describe this impressive and colourful mission (even if it happens in a very dark environment paradoxically !). The Haunted Cathedral universe has been completely revisited by the author, a dirty textures lover (who can (s)he be, really... ?), and players like me who didn't like very much this level, learnt to like its universe thanks to this FM.

    The story is much interesting : this story of dangerous artifact to find in the dreadful Sealed section of the Olde Quarter was very appealing at the start, and from the very beginning of the level, I didn't feel comfortable at all, always dreading to find frightening things on my way or jumpscares of all kinds. That's a very good point this mission has, one of the rare ones in this contest who kept me worry during a large part of the game. I knew deep inside I was going to be afraid at a moment and wouldn't like wandering through these relinquished streets where life suddenly stopped. I was also waiting for the first true zombie I'd encounter, and indeed, seing zombies with human look but empty eyes was much surprising.

    The different textures of zombies, walls, other undead, etc. were mines of originality and polished work. The author did a great effort to vary its environment with revisited original textures, covered with dirt and/or moss, broken or damaged, mixed with one another. It's incredible to see how original material can be used to give the impression the mission uses custom textures from elsewhere.
    In the same topic, I was also impressed with the array of different undead the author managed to use, again only using, merging and changing custom material : the burning zombie is terrific, the mumbling shadow is harrowing, the falsely drowned zombie was... wooah!, the zombies are never the same and look much like humans barely changed by their zombie condition. Actually, save the first part of the quarter, I had the impression to be in quarter of the City where life was still going on, just in another form. And I'm sure the author had such an intention : depicting a quarter left for dead but where the inhabitants were still living their lives, which brutally changed. It really makes Garrett and all other humans in the quarter look like intruders in a quarter they don't belong to. That's what I enjoyed with this mission, the environment and background gave a deep feeling, which helped with immersion.
    Same thing for the sound, the author, by merging or slowing down exisiting sounds managed to give a unique sound ambience, oppressive and cryptic at the same time. I deeply enjoyed this perpetual bad feeling I had during the game, and the sound was much for it.

    Architecture was well polished, we know the author is a professional on that matter, for the streets, sewers, roofs, inside rooms were very well designed. The verticality of the mission was much pleasant, I enjoyed starting very high on the section and progressively going deeper and deeper, until the final tomb where the artifact is hidden. This quest was very appealing, and not too easy, not too hard. I also had chills when I approached the skeleton, magnificently laid-out, and once again when I understood the door was closing behind me. The haunts just after, even if I'm used to, weren't neither here to calm me down. The sound atmosphere also helped not being relax in this part of the level. Great job there.

    The different factions and books here and there gave an interesting background and expanded lore like in other missions I played in this contest. It's also good to see authors sharing common lore elements in their different missions, like if they were different pieces of a same puzzle, or to be more Thief-related, different parts of a Thief campaign. I also recognized private TTLG jokes and touches of humour here and there (loved the names of people on the catacombs graves), but with a good mixture not to sound out of place.

    There was a lot of zombies once you approached the accursed church plaza, perhaps a bit too much for the streets to be crossed without being annoyed by them, in the case you don't want to explode them. I know I played in expert, but maybe a bit less in the streets with the broken bridge (well done BTW!) would have made it greater. Still, I enjoyed this post-apo' ambience this mission gave, far more than the Haunted Cathedral gives. I had the impression to play a survival game like Fallout, Dead Space or The Last of Us for example, with an impression not to be able to be safe in this place and even fearing for your human foes' lives.

    The quarter really looked like a big prison in a nightmare ambience, and that's a feeling the original mission it's based on barely managed to give me in the past. This mission proves that an FM can be better than an original one it's based on, by adding more architectural details, varying more the enemies, expanding the historical background of the place, or gauging the elements of fear throughout the level. The author did it with care and passion, and that's why I can at last say : I enjoyed the Haunted Cathedral... version 2018 !"

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    As one who normally shudders at missions involving zombies and undead I would have to say that this was probably my favourite of all of the TDP20AC submissions and many (about eight FM's) scored within half a point of each other so it was a difficult decision . My notes on Lost Among The Forsaken include comments such as "a tour de force" and " a wonderful homage to the original Old Quarter mission" and "an author at the top of their game", this a beautifully designed FM and ranks among my all time favourites (of which I admit, the list is now growing rapidly).

    There is plenty to keep fans of Thieves Highway missions happy (myself included) although being chased around the rooftops is a novelty and slightly disconcerting! I'll creep much more stealthily in future as the options for escape were limited to running around like a headless chicken Rubbish thief that I am with a suite in Cragsclef with my name on it.......

    The Scrappers hideout and entry and exit points were extremely well done and my favourite area of the whole map, although the rooftop areas run it a good close second. Slightly confusing layout? Yes, in parts, but it all added to the 'evade and explore' element of the FM for me.

    The Tower was really well done, I had a job finding my way there but it was well worth it when I eventually stumbled upon it!

    The atmosphere created of the decay and oppressive of brooding malevolence of a section of a city in lock down was a true masterpiece of mission writing and design imho and a marvellous homage to TDP as I have encountered; the author is to be commended, I had no a priori knowledge of the author until I logged in today btw.

    The dark man/mage or burning man was new to me until I just finished running through my first play of TG for the first time ever (there's a green spider in the original TDP location), he fell from the platform and was quickly dispatched!

    A fantastic mission that sits well amongst any TDP FM. The ambience achieved is amazing; congratulations to the author and contributors.
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    I also got rid of the burning man standing on a tower fairly easy... but a short time afterwards, another one appeared nearby. I dealt with him as well. But when a third one appeared after a while, I decided not to battle them any further. On the other hand: Maybe I should have expected this from them, since both burning men I encountered in the original Thief Gold game could also only be dispatched temporarily.

    One of the best missions from the contest I've played so far, and I'm almost finished with all of them!

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    This is a technical point, but I have just discovered that this FM uses 35 texture families, 34 if you exclude 'waterhw'. I might be mistaken, but I thought 32 was a hard limit for texture families in NewDark. Is there some workaround in play here, or is the 32 family limit not actually that serious a limit?

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    I wonder, how to open this grate or how to get inside the building.

    It's located on the south of Eldridge castle, near prison cells.

    Thank you!

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    This gate cannot be opened, it's there for decoration.

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    Och, it looked so promising Thanks!

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    This quickly became one of my favourite missions, so full of atmosphere and so many places to look for loot, info and other items.

    Once I had completed the first playthrough, I immediately hopped onto a second. That says a lot, since I still have half a dozen TDP20AC missions left to play.

    The super-fast fire creature is creepy and dangerous, but I managed to get rid of it by convincing it to fall down into that pool of deep water. Being fire based, that wasn't good for its health...uh, undeath...

    After looking everywhere I can think of, I've found 8 relics and 4500/4790 loot.

    There has been talk about several loot items in readables. At least five, of which I have found two (purse in stables, stash under crate on Eldridge Street). Are any of the following findable?:

    - Coins dropped down a well "near Barrow's end"
    - Lady Harrington's Ring (I may have this one, if it's the one next a healing potion on a platform between two chests in what looks somewhat like a small manor)
    - Serpentyle Torc

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    I don't remember about the coins in a well, so it must be for a readable and nothing else.
    The ring is on an undead at the beginning of the mission, in the pit where they dump corpses.
    The Torc is a reference to the OM, can't be found in this mission.

    Good luck on your hunt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrK View Post
    I don't remember about the coins in a well, so it must be for a readable and nothing else.
    The ring is on an undead at the beginning of the mission, in the pit where they dump corpses.
    The Torc is a reference to the OM, can't be found in this mission.

    Good luck on your hunt!

    Yes, there is indeed a ring on one of the corpses on the street below the thieves' dumping place. Only missing 190 now.

    I re-read the note about the coins. It was Haskell who said to his mates that he had dropped the coins down a well! That was of course a lie - they are in his purse.

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    This was special.
    The ruined city was epically conceived. Incredible complexity and detail. The wonder is that none of it felt ad hoc or off the cuff. It all felt meticulously planned down to the last brick, block, and mushroom. I love missions that require and encourage vertical exploration as well as lateral. And such exploration was often rewarded. I loved the placement of the loot items. I finished with just short of 4000 loot, and I felt that I had done pretty well.

    The zombies were frustrating at first, then not so much.

    Very professional feel to the whole thing: design, balance, objectives, all of it.


    Another one of those "Best ever!" missions.

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    French translation by Apiai, if you're interested :

    Conversations have subtitles rather than french VA. You're free to translate the mission in any language if you wish to!

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    Finally got around to this, and it is something special. The title is well-earned... others have complained it's too labyrinthine, but for me it's just perfect. I like my Thief missions more than a little mazelike, and this was just right: interconnected and large enough to feel daunting at first, but with enough distinction in each area and enough landmarks to give my brain something to latch onto. The map is neither too detailed nor not detailed enough. (I'm glad the zombies didn't mess up the street signs or my map might have been useless, heh.) I love the feeling of being given a big area to explore with nothing but my compass, a map, and my wits to help me out and this scratched that itch in spades. What a pleasure too, with so much though and detail and care put into every area. My favorite undead mission I've played so far.

    By the way, I especially liked the verticality of the mission. Not quite a true Thieves Highway in the Sealed Quarter (which would be an awesome mission, actually) but still.


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    Quote Originally Posted by caqo View Post
    When you open the power station gate and activate the power, there is 2 gates that opens, one obove the power station, and other to the west, go above, and then head to east to find Coghill Market, see it on map.
    would you mind being more specific about "going above"? this is a fantastic mission, though I've been running around for hours looking to get into the Coghill & Scrappers.
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    Fantastic mission, DrK! This is what The Haunted Cathedral should've been, as that is definitely not my favorite mission from TDP.

    Finished with no hints in 3 hours 49 minutes over three evenings. Found 4690 out of 4790 loot, so missing 100. Are any of the undead that spawn after taking the main objective carrying loot, like a purse? If not, I might be missing a ring somewhere, although I did find 4 and they were all quite well hidden. Perhaps a gold nugget, I only found 1 of those. Those can be hard to spot in dark caves. Other than that, diamonds are worth 100 and I only found 2 at the very end, in the eye sockets of a skull in a shrine.

    Loot list is HERE, if anyone care to check what I missed. It might of course be several pieces. No direct spoilers please, only loose hints!
    Klatremus' Supreme Thief Site - Walkthroughs, Loot Lists & Ghost Reports
    Let's Supreme Ghost Thief - YouTube Channel with Thief Let's Plays

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    Found the last piece. It was indeed another ring, and probably the most well hidden one. My loot/equipment list is now complete.

    I'll give the mission a 9 out of 10. The biggest issue i have is regarding the tomb with the main objective. There's one item there you find in a completely different area of the map, with no hints of its location anywhere. I hit the tomb quite early, so I needed to do a fair bit of backtracking. The other issue is the SE part of town you can't get to, the Barrows End area. I really thought I had to get out of the sealed quarter that way, but was a bit disappointed it was inaccessible and I had to go back the same way.

    But this is nitpicking. I had an absolute blast! I haven't tried to ghost it yet, but that is next on my list, including Supreme.

    Thanks, DrK

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    FYI to anyone looking for the ghosting discussion which was ongoing here, it got moved to the appropriate thread in Thief Gen.

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    I agree with you Klatremus about how good this mission was, IMO it was the mission with the very best atmosphere of all the TDP 20th anniversary missions, not taking anything away from The Scarlet Cascabel that was so very good, Dr K’s contribution to the contest was as good as anything else he had ever released, it had me on the edge of my seat from minute one, hoping Rocksbourg 4 (release date 2079) will be as good.

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    The info file talks about finding a surprise on the rooftops. I managed to climb up from window shutters in the far northeast and have been looking around for a while. Is it an Easter egg or is the "surprise" just the view?

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    I recently played this as well; I could only do about 5 minutes at a time, the atmosphere was so intense!
    The new guard zombie noises were bad enough, but the flaming zombie had me quit and walk away for a few minutes to calm down.
    There were times were it felt that the zombie "awaken" radius was a bit high it was unfair (like through the stables wall) but it led to several excitingly hasty strategic retreats
    The map was good only as a rough guide to the district, which was all that was needed; I had a great time discovering new areas - and rediscovering areas I'd reached from different routes previously
    I would happily go back to explore the old mill and neighboring environs!

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    I don't think the zombie alert radius was higher than usual, although DrK of course can correct me if I'm wrong. Sleeping zombies can always alert through walls. What matters is the distance to them on their level. If you are slightly above or below, they won't alert. There was a floating zombie in the sewers for example you could swim underneath without alerting it, although it looked like you went right through it.

    Regrading the "surprise" mentioned in the info text, is it referring to the keeper in the tower close to the beginning? If so, I noticed him from below on my first playthrough, so I didn't think that would be it. I couldn't find anything to pick up on the rooftops at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    There was a floating zombie in the sewers for example you could swim underneath without alerting it, although it looked like you went right through it.
    Isn't that an exploit then?

    But seriously, layout of the ruins in this mission confused me a lot. So I'm looking forward to see your video and hear your calm explanation of optimal route through this mission.

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    The zombie is floating at the top and all I did was swim along the bottom. The zombie's arms and legs stick down, that's why it looks like you go through it. You can easily go around too, and you might not even need to go through that area ar all. No exploit.

    I wont get to do this recording just yet, as I've got at least 3 others to do before. But eventually.

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    @Galaer: The layout is a bit off-putting for the first time(s) only, the map is however accurate and very helpful - once you get used to its style. I absolutely love this mission (and that comes from someone who used to loathe undead levels).

    I did it differently, but in retrospect my route would be Abberton Street > (via rooftop path) Auld Waterway > Eldridge Castle > Eldridge Street > Grimerow > Cogill Market > Coghill Depot > (via Cogill Market and Grimerow) Stables > Thorin Floodgates > Ferrier Lane > Tower area. After finishing the objectives I used the sewers to return. This sequence is needed to pick up en route a required object from Depot - admittedly, it breaks the immersion a little, for the "full realistic" experience one could drop from Castle area into the catacombs to find out what's needed before heading to Coghill area.

    Sleeping zombies are easy to avoid, if there's a crate nearby Had to do the trick twice in this mission - and thanks to it I stumbled upon loot that I would have otherwise missed

    @Klatremus: I'm happy you stumbled upon this one, can't wait to see the Master at work. Last year I had actually started a recording of a supreme run, I abandoned it halfway through (lacked the time, but mostly I wasn't happy with the quality of my voice acting... and a silent video isn't fun to watch, I thought).

    Even in my original run I can't remember any first alerts taken*, so it should be supremeable. (I used a lootlist, and I did not return stuff, so I cannot claim anything. Also, I picked up the optional quest from loadout screen... so another bust).

    *) Aaaa, perhaps there's something though: after the "event" at the end, I am not sure whether additional AI were spawned already alerted, of I somehow alerted one while climbing back up. I left the investigation for the recorded run... so it's still pending.

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    It's a shame loadout purchases aren't allowed for Supreme as in this mission, the mode robs the player of some challenge. Not only is getting the relics is fun on its own, some of the AIs only spawn once these are taken.

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