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Thread: TDP20AC Mission Making a Profit (11/30/2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Soth View Post
    Where do i find out about where the ritual is being held ?.
    Since you know that
    Lady di Rupo is performing the ritual, perhaps shes inadvertently left some clues about it?
    . I suggest
    searching her manor house for relevant written information

    Also have a prob where i can not read most of the scrolls i have picked up. like writing is like blue/black.
    Sorry about that. Its a bug some people encounter cause by me packaging the mission wrongly. See #110 in this thread for the fix.

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    Really enjoyed this mission. Even though I got only 8 of them I like the secrets.
    I got 2300 loot and I imagine a good portion of the rest is in the mountain behind that brick wall north of the first plaza.

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