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Thread: TDP20AC Mission — Mother Redcaps' Last Request (11/30/2018)

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    TDP20AC Mission — Mother Redcaps' Last Request (11/30/2018)

    This thread is for any discussion or questions related to the mission Mother Redcaps' Last Request by Sqiz.
    You can download the mission HERE or HERE.
    The contest thread is HERE.

    Please give clues instead of outright solutions when helping others and use the spoiler tag when you do this.

    Remember that this mission, and by extension every mission made for the contest, is for THIEF GOLD. As such, do not load it with Thief 2! It is highly recommended you do not use the Enhancement Pack and/or HD texture packs to play this mission. It is also recommended you uncheck all optional features TFix comes with if you update to the latest version of the full executable.

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    For a first release, this mission is pretty good!
    It's short and straightforward, but there are no bad level design decisions at all!
    Hope the author will continue making FMs!

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    3 mirrors for mother entry so far:

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    I agree with marbleman. Short, sweet little mission. I actually wandered in the mansion for 5 minutes trying to find where to place the white key, only to remember there was a locked door in the basement

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    This was great! Another short and sweet mission that reminded me of an early fan mission from the early 2000's.

    The rooms were generally a bit large and sparse, but there was a lot of inter-connectivity and multiple routes; it was fun to ghost. An engaging plot with nice short, snappy readables that didn't distract from the gameplay. For a first mission, this is really well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMax View Post
    I agree with marbleman. Short, sweet little mission. I actually wandered in the mansion for 5 minutes trying to find where to place the white key, only to remember there was a locked door in the basement
    I have the opposite problem, no key. Any hint for that? I haven't found any in-game.

    EDIT: I found it. It was on the belt on a knocked-out guard I had left in a dark spot.
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    Enjoyed this fairly short mission. Definitely need a bit of stealth in some areas with little shadow and no flashbombs although guards were fairly easy to bj when unalerted. Good readables with promise of maybe a bigger story to be told. Rooms were quite large with only sparse furniture etc but fun getting round all areas for max loot. Thank you Sqiz.

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    I don't have any complaints about this mission, though I think that the sewer area could have developed into something more. I was expecting to climb up into a city area, but then the mission just ended.

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    The shortest and easiest mission I have so far played in this contest. Finished in 21 minutes on Normal. As others have written, a very good effort for the first mission by this author. It is a simple mansion robbery and everything works as intended. Three things I would like Sqiz to try in their next mission should they decide to make one: 1) Smaller rooms with more architectural finesse insteady of boxy, mostly empty rooms. 2) Making it more difficult for players to take out guards by decreasing the amount of times they patrol in a predictable pattern along a straight, darkened corridor with no other guards nearby. 3) Adding an element of surprise that deviates from the standard experience and makes the mission stand out from others. This can be anything from a memorable puzzle, to a scripted event or an exciting story element.

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