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Thread: TDP20AC Mission Order of the Dew (11/30/2018)

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    TDP20AC Mission Order of the Dew (11/30/2018)

    This thread is for any discussion or questions related to the mission Order of the Dew by Jayrude.
    You can download the mission HERE or HERE.
    The contest thread is HERE.

    Please give clues instead of outright solutions when helping others and use the spoiler tag when you do this.

    Remember that this mission, and by extension every mission made for the contest, is for THIEF GOLD. As such, do not load it with Thief 2! It is highly recommended you do not use the Enhancement Pack and/or HD texture packs to play this mission. It is also recommended you uncheck all optional features TFix comes with if you update to the latest version of the full executable.

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    Just finished, I really like the small secrets hidden across the streets in the windows, that's how you reward the player for exploration! Also different ways to reach the mages hideout, either by the vent or main door with the key, nice! although with shortage on water arrows, the main entrance was out of the question for me.
    generally very nice mission, challenging, the tavern on expert gave me a headache with limited water arrows, but I stole what I could.

    I like the design both the streets and interiors, you clearly put some thought into it.
    I really look forward for hopefully your future fms!

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    Lovely mission, short but very well done. It has some comfy areas and nice ideas here and there.
    The name is misleading

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    Really fun to test this mission with you and follow along on your build sessions as well ;p. Good mission Jay.

    Also I told him not to name it this memey name but he still did it the mad man

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    Another great mission. It's going to be a tough call picking a winner, with the quality on display here. Congratulations, Jay!

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    This one's short but it's really well done. I liked the tight streets and some of the verticality in them, and I hope the author keeps making missions. Maybe a bigger city similar to this one?

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    Fun little mission, but WHERE WAS DEWDROP?!?!

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    Hi, Jayrude here. The name will become more fitting in a potential part two, there was a note I forgot to write hinting at this. Thanks for playing my mission so far, hope you all enjoyed it

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    Short but good. Appreciated having a couple of different routes to each part of the mission. Sneaking was really hard with all the torches everywhere and so few water arrows though. I thought I explored everywhere, even climbing everywhere I could, but somehow I missed tons of loot.

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    To echo the others, this was a fun if short little mission. Looking forward to see where you take it in the future!

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    This was another short and sweet mission! Fun to explore, interesting premise, nicely made. I would have liked a little more content - there were a lot of unfrobbable scrolls that could have been filled with flavour text or hints, and it wasn't a long mission, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

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    This mission right up my alley, not too easy and not too hard, nothing too hidden, only little backtracking. I always play new missions on Normal and if I manage to finish them and like them, replay on the hardest. You bet I will replay this one!

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    Sweet little mission, about 30 mins. on expert with >90% maxloot. Fun for a late evening of classic thievieng.

    IMHO there are enough water crystals in the mission -- if you know where to look...

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    6 minutes of gameplay, that was fast, nevertheless it was a nice experience, the areas were well built, however they could have more decorative elements as well as trims, the map is very small.

    If the mission was bigger i would give a higher score, so my score for this short but nice experience is 6 out 10

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    yes i enjoyed this mission also

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    I decided to play this one as a companion to the other "Dew" mission, and it was pretty good. It would have been a lot better if the entire story hadn't been crammed into the briefing and a single readable, but otherwise no real complaints. Because of how tight and tall the streets were, I think even more use could have been made with verticality. It might have been even better as an entirely vertical mission, roping from window to window.

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    Where is the key to the

    - red door on the streets,
    - mage door opening from the pub kitchen?

    Can't find them anywhere!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ticky View Post
    Where is the key to the

    - red door on the streets,
    - mage door opening from the pub kitchen?

    Can't find them anywhere!
    Okay, for other blind guys: the solution is to look up and rope above the red door.

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    I really enjoyed this short mission. The city is small but has fun rope arrow acrobatics like my favourite missions. I'd love to see more from the author.

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    I thought this was just perfect. Compact city streets with some vertical climbing and three different locations to loot (tavern, Hammerite church, secret mage society). AIs and sources of light seem to have been placed with care, which made for fun gameplay.

    Two things I noticed that could be improved:
    1. A patron on the upper floor of the tavern saw me whenever I equipped the bow, even when I was completely hidden in shadows just in front of the last step of the staircase. He did not react when I was moving around however. It was specifically equipping the bow. To take him down, I had to sneak to the other side of the room and shoot a water arrow at the torch next to him from there.
    2. The ambient sound clip of tavern conversations continues even if all patrons at this location have been taken out. This is a bit of an immersion breaker.

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    I had great fun playing this mission. The architecture and layout were well done. It was perfect for ghosting with AI and lighting, and it presented nice ghosting challenges in a few areas, especially when I was running low on water arrows. I liked the well-hidden loot and the vertical rope arrow moves, especially the place where you hop from the rope to a pipe and into a window, and the bottle on the church window. Those are made harder when timing the AI. Since it was small, I went back to find all the loot. Perfect Thief.

    I hope to see more from you, Jay.

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    I thought this was a fun but short mission. I wish there were more objectives.

    There is one situation that I think is a little unfair though (loot spoiler so beware): If you have completed the loot goal, you have to really hurry to rope arrow up to the window above the start location and grab the loot before the game ends.

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    This was the last T20 FM I played. Nice little map but nevertheless I only looted 2444/3005 on playing hard, I wonder where all the rest has been hidden.
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