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Thread: TDP20AC Mission The Tomb of Saint Tennor (11/30/2018)

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    TDP20AC Mission The Tomb of Saint Tennor (11/30/2018)

    This thread is for any discussion or questions related to the mission The Tomb of Saint Tennor by vegetables.
    You can download the mission HERE.
    The contest thread is HERE.

    Please give clues instead of outright solutions when helping others and use the spoiler tag when you do this.

    Remember that this mission, and by extension every mission made for the contest, is for THIEF GOLD. As such, do not load it with Thief 2! It is highly recommended you do not use the Enhancement Pack and/or HD texture packs to play this mission. It is also recommended you uncheck all optional features TFix comes with if you update to the latest version of the full executable.

    Note: This mission was updated on Mar 9 and the link above has been updated.
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    Started with this one on "hard" ... mission 1/2 beautiful crafted and interesting story (looted 2635/3000) but now I'm in 2/2 and in a mess ...

    Glad that I didn't waste so much ammunition in the first mission, it was carried over into part 2. I got the feeling that I might need it this time.

    Edit: Finished mission 2 with 3430/5700 loot, didn't find Mrs. Brennan but I survived all those different realms.

    Great campaign, Veggie! A dignified contribution to this contest!
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    Where is the Key to the Sacristy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Terra- View Post
    Where is the Key to the Sacristy?
    High priest's chambers. But since the door is barricaded, you'll have to find another way in. Try to find an open window

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    First mission was a decent haunted builder cathedral mission, but the second is where the big effort went into, you can tell. Very Bonehoard style mission. Really liked the Midas crypt and the ref to the Alarus crypt which this time you CAN enter! It goes on a lot further than I thought it would, too. It's quite large. Really enjoying these sort of original mission homages with this and Lost Among the Forsaken, even if undead missions aren't my favorite thing.

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    You found and entered the Alarus Extension, I'm impressed, that is not easy to achieve as you need to find a number of well hidden locations first. Well done!

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    Well it's really not that hard to get into. There's a hole in the wall that you jump and mantle to. A lot of difficult jumps in the lower crypts areas, though, easy to miss and die. And it's a multi-layer maze-like area, too. Garrett voice clips noted multiple exits and I missed about 1k loot so there's probably a fair bit I didn't see.

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    I wonder if anyone will find the Bow Upgrade...

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    There's a bit more to the Alarus Extension past the big room with the three pillars, which is what fortuni was referring to.

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    Loving it so far. Haunted Cathedral and Bonehoard+

    Your really killing me with these secrets! I've never had so much trouble.
    The mold amused me, but it seemed a bit moot by that point.
    I've finally made it there using those tiny itty bitty corner pieces and a potion.
    Now, I find that I need two to get all the way in?? Guess it's time to hunt again.
    Or maybe I missed another in the previous mission.
    I can only imagine everything I'm still missing.

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    You're pretty close! If you find the secret in the precursor area you should be able to figure out how to proceed.

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    Wow, assumed the lower section was gonna be simple and was saving it for last.
    Hadn't even gone down there yet.
    Looks like it may be Lost City+ too.
    Edit: ... and some Maw!


    Spent a lot of time looking around the area. When I made the connection!
    Walked by the lower floor trap and remembered the arrows sticking there...
    Luckily I'd noticed arrows stick in that material in another fm, which made it easier.
    Also lucky I brought the mold with me.
    I'm not quite sure how it will help though.
    I've already made it up there. Still need two to get through I assume.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bob_doe_nz View Post
    I wonder if anyone will find the Bow Upgrade
    I found the corpse with fire arrow and the note. Just strafe-jumped over lava pit, but I don't have explosives yet, because Alarus was the first "thing" I entered in the 2nd mission ;D

    I have all objectives unchecked now, and I already manage where the mission exit is :D as Garrett says famous sentence :)

    Now I'm probably trapped, because go back from "upgrade-bow-gate-side" is a little tricky ;P I don't want to spend my Speed Potion, so probably load the game before big jump. Now trying some crazy wall-jumping, because there is not enough space to do a proper strafe-jumps.

    I manage to do 1x circle-jump + 1x strafe-jump, but other side is to far :P I need 1x circle-jump + 2x strafe-jumps, but there is no room for this maneuver (too tight). A little round-jump could help, but now I skip it. As I said: I go back to save before big jump and try to find explosives first. Maybe there is another way out after smashing the gate, and
    I will not be forced to spend any of my Potions ;)

    At the end - I could have sworn I have explosives from the Armory or Wine Cellar (1st mission)? and now I don't have it in my Inv? But probably I'm wrong, and it is just some brain glitch/error ;P (borrowing from another mission).

    sorry for my very bad english :(
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    Absolutely brilliant. Struck me again! Now I've got what I need for the final piece. Very excited. Said hi to Benny for you.

    Edit: It is done
    Devious all the way.
    The clincher was having all 3 potions.
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    I've found a Mysterious Key in mission 1. What to do with it and where are the others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandall View Post
    Absolutely brilliant. Devious all the way.
    Couldn't agree more.

    I had the honour of beta testing this mission and was blown away as to how clever this mission actually is. Initially it appears to be a reasonably simple, if not massive and in places seriously complex FM, but when you realise how much deeper the design goes and complexity of what you need to do to eventually access The Alarus Extension your respect for the author multiplies tenfold.

    I also only found 1 bug in the whole of mission 2 (most of beta testing ended up discussing gameplay issues) leaving me with a staggeringly good impression of vegetables Droming skills.

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    The mysterious keys are for a secret. If you want to find the others and what to do with them you should try to get on top of the rocks surrounding the mission.

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    What a fantastic mission, I love all the different sections, especially Midas, you managed to give every area its specific look despite the limited resources.
    My only gripe would be that it looks a bit too clean to my taste, a bit too empty, but it captures the feel of the OMs just right.

    Now, I'm about to complete the mission, however I'm stuck in one section : the Alarus Extension. I learned a new trick in the process, I didn't know you could grab a ledge while leaning forward, neat. I'm at the door with the dead thief, I assume I'm supposed to find some explosives somewhere but I fail to see where as I probably explored everything.
    Also, there is one tower in the Air temple I'm unable to reach. I can see a mask up there, but no idea how to climb there.

    Any help would be appreciated as I'd love to get that bloody bow upgrade.

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    Getting into the Alarus Extension is a pretty long process, and requires finding several secrets, including one in Part 1. There are some hints earlier in the thread.

    For the temple tower, you can attach a rope arrow to the texture around the top of the temple. The arrow trap in the temple basement was meant to teach that that texture is wood.

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Thanks, unfortunately I won't be able to get that bow upgrade...

    Marbleman explained to me parts of the process to get it, and it's a major flaw in the mission. If you miss the secret in part 1 you're screwed, you can't go back. Each mission should be independant from one another.
    To get one secret in the first mission in order to get the bow upgrade is unfair and frustrating, especially since we aren't aware of such a thing in the first mission. If the mission was very short, sure why not, it adds some instant replay value. However the mission is gigantic, no way I'm replaying through the whole thing.

    Thankfully it's only a secret and doesn't prevent from completing the mission, but still...

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    Fair criticism, but it's that way by design. I didn't expect most players to find it in one playthrough, or at all. The whole process is meant to be reminiscent of old rumors about video game secrets.

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    If you consider accessing the Alarus Extension as a tough to find Easter Egg, with good Easter Eggs being a rather special form of achievement, and in this case having to first find 3 well hidden secret locations across the 2 different missions in order to access the Easter Egg, then it's not necessarily unfair or frustrating, more of a well thought Easter Egg than those in a lot of other missions. Yes arguably evil, but what an achievement to those special players.

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    This was a cool set of missions. The second one has to be one of the best Bonehoard-type FMs released, and it only gets better as you progress. I also found the hidden smelter but at that point I was too exhausted to figure out what to do with it

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