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Thread: TDP20AC Mission Dewinder Manor (11/30/2018)

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    Registered: Sep 2018
    Location: Poland
    Finally, I have a chance with that one :) After I played much more complex and complicated contest missions, this one was like morning walk for a bread roll ;) The mission is very simple in almost every aspect, yet it is good and solid.

    I don't know where/what the secret of this mission is, but somehow You did it, and You just did it well :) I like it very much (as little outdated b0.3 ;) You did something with pretty much nothing :) and it is a gift that few can boast of :) Found 5271/5271 of loot, zero blackjacks, zero 1st alarms, 36 min.

    I hope there will be Your another mission (for T2 contset this time) in future ;) The pictures in "What are you working on" thread, looks promising :)
    sorry for my very bad english :(

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    Registered: Oct 2017
    Just got a chance to look at my mission comments! Just wanted to say thanks for all the words of encouragement, I was super nervous to actually start learning wtf to do with this map editor BEAST known as Dromed, but I'm glad I finally got over that hurdle and started actually tinkering with it.

    The mission, if you couldn't tell, was a sort of love letter to TTLG for some of the memes and some of the more "unique" posters of the board, being a lurker for quite some time now.

    I'll try to only improve from here on out <3

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