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Thread: TDP20AC Mission Lord G (11/30/2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    I have the same problem as bbb. Found all the loot and finished all objectives except for leaving. The sewer gate is unfrobbable. I'm playing v1.2. Help!
    Try saving your game once all your objectives are checked and just reload it. Looks like this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtk View Post
    Guys I think I know what is the issue here.
    that 2nd treasury exit, beach and teleport to the city is supposed to be the ending, thats why it has shitty textures and all. but if you dont have 4000 gold (on expert) you cannot finish it and you're pretty much stuck..
    thats my hypothesis, so load a save before you got teleported, get all the look and try again
    The second treasury door wouldn't open for me and Garrett said something like "I need to come back here when I finish..."

    Edit:I saw Russ' post on the second page.

    I still need to find 360 loot though and I've been everywhere.

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    I have two questions I hope someone can answer:

    What do the two switches outside the side do do?

    Where is the loot?

    I'm still 110 short of the loot goal and I've looked everywhere.

    Edit: I found three loot items at the servant's house.
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    This mission was quite easy to ghost with exception of 2 places. First one was taking loot from guests area and obtaining the Eye. It was interesting that every time I turn off the light, the servant female will go to turn them back on. The second problem was going through the secret passage and locking it behind me. I throwed rosary founded in Treasury and put a key on top of it. This blocked closing passage. This way I could go down, take items and the passage closed after me.

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    Important: Lord G has been updated again by the author (to v1.3) with an approved fix to hopefully finally address the issue which prevented it from being completed by some players. Download it from either mirror listed in the original post here.

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    Not having any luck finding Lord G's key to the bedroom. Any hints?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    Not having any luck finding Lord G's key to the bedroom.
    When playing on easiest difficulty level (I don't know about the other two), the key is not lying around in any of the rooms. But there is a readable somewhere which mentions something about the key. To be more specific, the readable says that there's a trustworthy servant who carries the key.

    If you don't find him, watch the main entrance from a safe spot. The servant will pass by there every now and then. After that, you can try to follow him in order to find a place where you can steal the key from him, either by pickpocketing or blackjacking (and then pickpocketing) your victim.

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    Thanks baeuchlein, thats sorted it.

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