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Thread: worst enemy type in thief is snakes

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    worst enemy type in thief is snakes

    a lot of people think spiders are the worst ,but let me tell you snakes are way worse,usually hard to see until to late,harder to kill then spiders

    i am kinda shocked no one ever mentions how bad snakes are in fan missions

    cant think of mission names but one had mass snakes in gravel area ,or in grass/swamps

    i take spiders all day over snakes in fan missions

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    I hate archer guards.

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    There are 3 snake missions out there as I recall
    -Christine: Pirates Ahoi and Rabenbach
    -Random_Taffers Godbreaker (2nd mission). I hated the @τυΓΔΘΛΞΠφχψω! critters in the swamp. Had to kill them all.

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    Ah, I remember in Rabenbach getting stuck in one room with snake and without arrows. I almost died, but finally killed him with a sword. And there is giant snake nearby. I hate them. I think there is also another swamp mission other than Godbreaker with snakes. And there is also Heartcliff Islands. There snakes are at the bottom of the sea, but I still hate them.

    I think the biggest problem with snakes is you get hurt not by their attacks, but because you are close to them. That's why fighting them with a sword isn't good idea. While spiders can be quite easily killed with sword and a smaller ones with blackjack.

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    I HATE snakes, in real life AND in FMs. *shudder*

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    *in Indy's voice* snakes.. why did it have to be snakes..???

    and as mentioned in some G I Joe cartoon I saw as a kid.... "A cobra is a snake.. and 'snake' is 'sneak' spelled sideways..."
    thing is, I almost never see snakes in FMs... save for just one.. and I forget the title..

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    The first time I met a almost non-see able snake I was shocked. But you can hear them slithering towards you. Very freaky all the same.
    They move much faster and more sideways than spiders in the missions.
    I absolutely adore such freaky moments in a mission, even a thunder and lightning moment, but of course I'm not a normal person, I'm Gloria Creep

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    Actually there's a point in distance where you can reach the snake with your sword without getting damaged by them. Works at least on the stationary ones.
    But I'm not sure, if that works on all of them (especially those which are moving on a noisy terrain, subwater, etc.)

    Snakes are tricky enemies, but at least there are a few ways to kill them.

    But I think there are a few enemies way worse than snakes, e.g. the skullshot machinegun haunt statues in Abominable Dr. Dragon; now those were something even snakes and spiders are just innocent little cuties compared to them.

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    I don't mind snakes because I have yet to encounter a mission in which they were overused. The one enemy I can't stand are bugbeasts. Annoying as hell and plentiful in more missions than they deserve.

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