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Thread: TDP20AC Mission — The Hunt, Part 1: Search (11/30/2018)

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    I'm playing on expert and i have some rope arrows. but i can't find the chest with a key. i have two keys one for the cellar and one for the postern. and i cannot find a chest in the upper floor, which i haven't opened . is this chest hidden?

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    The chest on the upper floor is not hidden, but difficult to access on Expert. First, you have to use the rope arrow in the garden in order to climb the Lord's balcony (the one on the south), then you have to search the rooms in there a bit. One of them contains two blue chests. The southern one contains the key to the gallery.

    To leave these rooms, you can either try to get out via the balcony again, or you search for a grey or silver key to these rooms. I think it's not hidden. Maybe you'll find it near the Lord's bed.

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    Excellent, enjoyable small city/mansion mission.

    Good exploring and sneaking. Managed to squeeze through into the fairly extensive burrick tunnels (although couldn't then get out of course ) so look forward to the sequel.

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    I figured I'd join in the fun and post the comments about my mission.

    cant wait for part 2 a real treat for us thief fans

    It's Bafford's place plus Ramirez's place, but bigger and better. It still retains some of the issues that both of those levels had, however, especially in the entirely symmetrical architecture.

    "This mission is the best built and most exiting when one has to take in consideration, that's an Anniversary Contest for Thief.

    It reminded me of The very first mission in Thief the Bafford mission but without it looking like a ""Copy Cat"" mission.

    Well done!"

    Very nice, the best classic mansion mission I've played in some time. Looking forward to part 2.

    pleasant castle visit simple and efficient gameplay

    Not the best of the story, especially the parchment of the psychic for the vault... but the mission is a great honnourable letter of love to Bafford. A great good old classic mission very enjoyable to play. This deserve a 22/30.

    Pretty straightforward, but an interesting story, though.

    Infiltrating a mansion in order to relieve it of its valuables will perhaps never get old. It takes hints from Assassins, having a rather large city section before entering the main locale. The atmosphere is what I found the most appealing, and the story told through the environment and parchment hidden throughout was extremely well-done. I certainly hope to see the second part before too long.

    A bit of schematic at times, but in overall quite good mission.

    Overall a satisfying misson, the city constructions could have some more dedication in the way how it was built. The gameplay is satisfying, the story is also interesting. Overal a score of 7 out of 10

    "An enjoyable and approachable mission, with a very nice tribute to Lord Bafford.

    Indeed, it's the impression the mission gave me : a slightly larger Bafford's mansion, with many doors everywhere. About that, I'd say it's a middling point : many doors mean many rooms to explore and the rooms were nicely designed, but in the same way, the corridors with so many doors were also a bit redundant, and I felt lost at several moments while playing. More originality in the architecture would have made a better impression again.

    The gameplay is classical Thief 1 : stealing from a nobleman. But the story wasn't bad at all, even if a bit short. There was something about this family that made me want to see more, so I'm looking forward to see the sequel of this mission. The streets were also well designed and pleasant to explore.

    As for the vault puzzle, I was unfortunately unable to find myself to clue to open it (actually, I didn't get the connection when I read it early in the mission) and had to use the alarm-and-retry system, which is too bad. I think the clue was too remote and unconnected from the vault itself to expect a player to guess it. It would have been better to put the clue inside the manor. I wouldn't have pointed it out if it was just an optional objective, but since it was a mandatory one (thus mandatory to win the game), I did.

    Apart from that, a nice mission, with a medium duration, not too short and which lasts the first time you play it (it took me long to guess about the balcony to continue the mission), with a good atmoshpere and a classical style. Definitely deserves a sequel !"

    Solid mission if a bit bland to look at.

    Big, empty Bafford homage (rip off?). Mildly interesting story that doesn't go anywhere.

    "Atmosphere - 5

    I found the atmosphere in ""The Hunt"" quite mediocre. There was nothing specific in the mission to ruin the atmosphere, but sounds and visuals were rather ordinary all the way. Designs were much better inside the castle and rather plain in the streets.

    Gameplay - 8

    “The Hunt” provides classic mansion gameplay with a lively castle and lots of goods to be stolen. Manoeuvering safely around the guards and servants is challenging, but the player is given a lot of tools if need be. The mission is very non-linear - most locations can be approached in many different ways. The puzzles are few and not too difficult for a seasoned taffer.

    Story - 9

    The strongest aspect of the mission. The story of the family residing in the mansion was developed in numerous readables as well as a few conversations. I felt it was presented really thoroughly and convincingly. Some side stories were introduced with conversations and notes and they were neat as well. I liked the care with which those materials were obviously prepared."


    Rectilinear architecture with boring textures. Endless hallways with lots of doors, many locked. Safe puzzle depends on finding note. One tricky aspect to get into locked areas - rope up to balcony to get into masters suite and museum. Story about hunting is a bit boring and not relevant to the design or game play. Easy to ghost.

    "A proper Lord Bafford homage with welcome complexity. It is the same idea - yellow manor, haughty lord, priceless object - but a different mission. There are many ways it may play out, since it has a mostly open-ended structure (barring a few bottlenecks). There is a city district around the manor, with multiple ways to gather information and find your way inside; the main location has three floors to explore. It reminds me of Geller's Pride, a classic fan mission that does something quite similar.

    The graphics are relatively simple but effective, and the place has a nice, consistent look. Ambients are also used well, and you can eavesdrop on a handful of custom conversations. There are multiple side-plots which add to the lived-in character of the place; you get the idea you are intruding on the lives of real people. The highlight is the gameplay: it is never particularly difficult, but it is varied, and has well-designed puzzles, sensibly hidden loot, a functional alarm system, and an increasing difficulty curve - going from streets where the guards don't bother you to more and more challenging game spaces. This is a well-balanced mission that should be fun to play - and replay again with a different approach."

    Better than Lord Bafford's Manor in some aspects, not really worse in others. By OM standards, above average architecture, slightly above average interior design, on par pacing and gameplay. The worst I can say is that it is uninspiring compared to ludicrous bar set by half a dozen submissions, but it would not be out of place at all in Thief Gold. Lots of fun, but not life changing.

    Classic Bafford-style break-in. Some of the interiors are bare and the manor layout is essentially symmetrical, and thus repetitive to explore, but there are details such as the burrick tunnels by the park which add character.

    "The Hunt is a fairly standard mansion romp with a little city bit that doesn't do anything wrong, but doesn't do anything particularly right either. The biggest problem with this mission is that there are lots of inoperable doors, especially sewer hatches, that both limit the amount of options available to break into the mansion, but also makes the mission quite frustrating after a while.

    The mansion layout is mostly symmetrical and is quite nice overall, though it does get a bit repetitive. The basement has that kilometers-long corridor that is rather boring to play in. I'll say however that the alarm system is quite nice, and I did like the fact that the player had to steal a bow, which is not seen often.

    Overall this is a rather average mission. It's not bad, but it's not great either."

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