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Thread: TDP20AC Mission — The Hunt, Part 1: Search (11/30/2018)

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    TDP20AC Mission — The Hunt, Part 1: Search (11/30/2018)

    This thread is for any discussion or questions related to the mission The Hunt, Part 1: Search by Grandmauden.
    You can download the mission HERE or HERE.
    The contest thread is HERE.

    Please give clues instead of outright solutions when helping others and use the spoiler tag when you do this.

    Remember that this mission, and by extension every mission made for the contest, is for THIEF GOLD. As such, do not load it with Thief 2! It is highly recommended you do not use the Enhancement Pack and/or HD texture packs to play this mission. It is also recommended you uncheck all optional features TFix comes with if you update to the latest version of the full executable.

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    Just finished this one. Since I got into the castle first I didn't grab the bow there in order to continue the game and explore the nice little town around.

    Looted 3395/3678.


    Für die deutschsprachigen Spieler: Öffnet goals.str und ändert

    text0: " ..."


    text_0: " ..."

    sonst wird das erste Ziel [Eindringen in die Burg] nach Spielstart nicht angezeigt. Spiel läuft aber auch so.

    Die Dialoge und Garrett-Sprüche sind leider nicht in DE.
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    Very good mission! Is there a way to explore the tunnels any further or is that going to be part 2? I really liked the Bafford Manor vibe all throughout, and almost get all the loot. Almost

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    Glad you liked it! Regarding your question: no, the tunnels and sewers won't be fully explorable until later.

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    Great mission. Plenty of good manor exploration. Multiple choices for goals. Lots of different routes and roping (my favorite).
    I don't think I had a single complaint with this one, which is really rare. Most missions, no matter how good, usually have something to nit pick.
    Can't wait for part 2!

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    Solid city and manor mission. At the end I was too lazy and played catch me if you can with the guards to get back to the streets quicker

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    I just finished this mission, and I liked it a lot. It felt kind of like a cross between Bafford's and Ramirez's, but bigger and better than either of those. My only real complaint is one that both those levels also share, and that's the symmetry. I found it somewhat disorienting for a while, because one half of the manor looks pretty much exactly the same as the other making it kind of difficult to navigate. I also never found the bell pull, but was able to get into the vault relatively easily by trial and error. I look forward to the next part!

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