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Thread: TDP20AC Mission — The Scarlet Cascabel (11/30/2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannar View Post
    So if I understand your post, you haven't met Elizabeth yet, right? If not, I wonder why you were dropping items in the fountain. You first need to meet Elizabeth and get the objective to drop five (not four) items into the fountain. In order to meet Elizabeth, you need to get past that area with the moving dark wall. At the far end of that hallway, there is an open doorway with a practice dummy standing in it, blocking your way. That is the room that you need to get into. There are two possible ways to enter it. First, when you see the wall start moving toward you, run toward it about halfway down the hall, then return to that doorway and the practice dummy will be gone. The second option is to hit the practice dummy with your sword a few times and it will disappear. From there, you will find a series of rooms that should lead you to a pickable door. Behind that door, you will find Elizabeth's tower which you must climb.
    Thank you very much for answer. I would never figure it out what to do.
    Your missions are wonderful.
    And that black wall really freaked me.

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    I have finished the mission #2 :) It was brilliant adventure (both missions). Mood, levels design, story, gameplay - fantastic experience :) I'm very glad there was much to do in both missions :)

    In #2 I found 6352/6377 (gold: 4207 gems: 905 goods: 1240), spider killed ;P zero blackjacks ;P but unfortunately I had to gas two women by/with a Gas Arrow in the laundry room :/ One of them has stuck on the desk and didn't move :/

    Also all 16 chess pieces has been found :P The hardest one for me was on the roof. I walked there several times and didn't see it :D I was running high above on the roof after Speed Potion has been used, but I knew The Authors crafted the mission well and the pawn should be in much more clever placement. 2nd mission took me 10h 12min (cheatty stats says 8h 16min), I spend more than 1 hour to find this last pawn-piece ;D My no-blackjack rule was slow me down effectively and consequently ;)

    The other chess pieces are actually simple to find, but only for non-blackjackers and ghosters :) When you hide in dark spots to avoid the opponents, you have time to look around and observe. After I found alternate underwater passage to the "kitchen's pantry" I had to be calm and quiet to investigate opponents route paths, and kitchen's chess pawn I have found, was very first and very visible at this position :) I don't think I would be able to easily saw it, if I had blacked the opponents from other direction in the kitchen :) The second chess pawn I found was in upstairs where the crown entrance is. After that I knew (more of less) where to look :) The pawn above the bell was obvious to me :P I've found it before I was going down to tomb's area :)

    I was probably lucky with Charlotte's pawn :) because the trick was used in other T1, T2 & TDM missions I remembered :) moreover I have played "Lost Among The Forsaken", where similar thing has been used, so maybe this/that was my little advantage ;) It was in my mind instantly after "tears' plaque" has been read :) Actually I though the same thing: "I need holly shower" ;) (graves around) so I was run above to frob holly "fountain", but probably clear, pure water should enough as well ;)

    The pawns placing is not hard actually, I would rather call it Demanding (by uppercase "D"). I suppose paradoxically those who are running and BJ-ing all what lives have much harder times with finding pawns and loot :)

    The hardest loot for me were:
    1. A sandy-sack in tavern, somehow I didn't see it when the first time I was lurking in there and trying to reach golden bottle. I was try from window direction, and from fireplace side, and didn't see the sack in both cases :P I was probably too focused on the bartender and the bottle :) also hard searching for purses on the rafters :)

    2. A purple-purse in library. I was so close to it at least three or four times and saw it after fifth ;D Evil placing ;) The color of the purse blends perfectly with books in this rather dark place ;)

    3. Loot I didn't find :P Can you tell me full GGG-ingredient-values? :)

    Disappointments ;PP
    Yes, they are very, very little disappointments ;P however they are not affect my assessment in any way ;P

    1. "Well... this is... interesting" after reading the plaque, and... that's it? ;P It could be some additional fake reward, simple gift from hotel, some kind of fool's reward as "Mathematician's reward" in "Catacombs of Knoss" ;)) Something physical but worthless ;) For example wooden serpentile-torc as in the picture, maybe? :) I missed something like that here after stone puzzle :)

    2. Keeper's area... The scroll is great :) but the rest... ehh... ;PP I know, I know, that was not main point of the game, but I just expected something more ;P Maybe some kind of riddle/puzzle (in Keeper's way) to achieve The Scroll? :)

    3. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think Elizabeth's ring on the desk in her room should be invisible, and it should appear/spawn AFTER she says: "Come back hehe" ;)) It would be much better, but... it's just random guy opinion, so... ;)

    And finally some little bugs as it was in mission #1...
    ...but maybe later, because I need to check something first :)
    sorry for my very bad english :(

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    Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to write so much about your experiences playing our mission! We both enjoyed reading about your adventures in the missions, and glad that you had fun with them. I don't think we have a loot list with a ggg breakdown right now, and we are going to be updating the mission and the loot list after the contest. Congratulations on completing the chess puzzle. The reward for that puzzle, that room with the scroll, is an exact recreation of that easter egg in the OMs. It was meant as an homage to the LGS team. I sent you a PM.

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    Hey Taffers,

    We hope to have the updated version of Cascabel finished and tested by the end of this month (also multi-language support). We are hoping anyone who hasn't played it yet will wait for the update, as the current version is incomplete. We released what we have right now to make it in time for the contest cutoff, but the current version is honestly very buggy and has some serious gameplay flaws, which we will remedy. Some of these issues we were painfully aware of, but some we learned from you, so thanks to you for your concise criticism and feedback! In light of this, we are extremely humbled (major understatement) considering that many of you were willing to overlook these glaring issues. Thank you for that, and hoping to give you the mission we wanted to as soon as we can.

    Happy Taffing in the meantime, and please feel free to send us any feedback and/or questions!

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    Will you publish a change list upon release of the updated version?

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    Yes. And there will be a quite a few changes : )

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    We're jumping on the bandwagon too.. here are our comments:

    Very good, no great, pacing. When you think it goes left, it jerks right, but in a good way. It rewards exploration and has a fair amount of my favorite aspect of thief, verticality. I enjoyed seeing the apparition in the window at first glace of the absolutely beautiful hotel in mission 2. It, coupled with atmosphere, made me think there wasn't any humans there are all. I enjoyed the human aspect before it went full nightmare, for-which it had me freaked out. I felt the horror was unique to this mission, as it was accompanied with feelings of dread. Eye candy, sure, but with real thief game-play.

    real challenging mission,a must for any thief fan,who like a challenge

    Pity it wasn't finished.

    Was surely not expecting such dramatic Mission 2. Fantastic atmosphere and very good and captivating story. Gameplay was various and I can not remember when was the last time I used rope arrow so much. Some bugs: in mission 1 rope arrow kept being stuck in air when trying to use it on tree before I enter the residential area. Some areas in mission 2 were (for my taste) too dark, and I had to use gamma on maximum. I may replay it one day, since i missed quite a lot of "pieces" on my first playthrough, not to mention 1505 loot!
    THe first mission needs better sound dynamics (many walls and buldings don't block sound properly). Also, it would be very useful to have a map, especially for the second one. That said, those details pale in comparison to how spectacular this mini campaign is. One to remember
    "Holy crap. You might as well have skipped the first mission, with how much the second one blows it out of the water. I don't think there's much I can say about the first one apart from how gorgeous the whole place looks - and that naturally carries on into the hotel.

    I loved how things unfolded in the hotel. It was almost immediately apparent that something was wrong with the place, but it didn't show its hand until much later. Until then, there were little teases like Room 1 to keep me on edge.

    As more context was given to the events that had occurred in the house, so too did my terror rise. Going through Room 13 was NOT a comfortable experience, suffice to say.

    And just like how this mission in its entirety blew the first one out of the water, so too did the winter wing blew the rest of the level out of the water - at least in terms of atmosphere.

    (Good grief, how can training dummies be so unnerving?)

    The whole thing was a white knuckle (and white faced) ride, and I loved every part of it.

    As a final aside, damn you with that chess piece hunt. :P"

    Jesus Christ this mission was insane. Part one was super comfy and just lovely to play through. Part 2 was impressive and a really well done manor/hotel layout with a surprisingly huge spooky section that was a blast to go through. Possibly the best mission of the contest.

    Hands down one of the best horror missions I've played. It's not perfect, but it's about as close to perfection as it could get.

    Not very TDP-like, reminds me more of some of the very best T2 FMs.

    This mission was scary, the atmosphere is amazing. I even forgot that I was playing with TG at a moment but it still respect the rules by using ressources made from stock only. This deserve a high rating : 28/30, just because there were some mistakes with gameplay like events that could be avoided by accessing places we were not supposed to yet or from a specific way (like accessing the first floor of the hotel with a rope arrow via the balcony of the gallery room) or getting stuck and ruining the whole game (by returning to the attic of the winter winger and going down the chimney for the second time).

    Awesome! Hard, in spots. Very scary in spots (especially the last portion of hte mission).

    "I had a hard time hearing what the ghost said. In fact only at the very end I actually heard what she said.
    Good story though, and a fine hotel much like ""Fawlty Towers"" but much bigger and much darker in many ways."

    My my, what a mission! In fact, this may be the greatest Thief Gold mission I have yet played. From the moment I loaded it, I repeatedly forgot that everything I was seeing was either stock resources or stock-derived. The introductory mission was enough to be its own entry in this contest. Not only was the setting excellent, but the atmosphere surrounding it was permeating as well. The hotel felt expectedly dense and brought life to the entire place. The second mission, in particular, was massive and a joy to explore both literally and through the lore surrounding it through in-game text and conversations. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this mission.

    "Mission finished, 3 hours of gameplay!!! Overall i found this an excellent work, specially the second mission, the first mission is beautiful , and a very original natural village with an impressive and convincing surroundings, interesting color contrasts, nice ambient light, and the Moulin Wow so well built! apart some rooms that are narrow , with now windows and accessed by a ladder everything is perfect. Now the second mission is the real Masterpiece, everything is flawless, and the customization of the thief material is so well done, in a very professional and artistic way, it almost seems like new material, the second map is filled with so many new surprises, the architecture and the design of the hotel is magnificent, the garden/patio is so beautiful and relaxing, everything is well decorated, i'm surprised how you managed to have a lovely result using only thief 1 material , the ambient sounds are also well edited ans well the sfx sounds, i loved the dialogues between the personages, the readable are captivating.

    My score is 10 out of 10"

    "The best one !!! the mission 2 is above a full campaign ! so many welcome twist :room 13, Chess pieces hunt, family hotel story,... So lovely and cringy atmosphere. I didn t find all loots yet (after more than 11 h in the mission 2.

    Far better than some actual commercial video games. You deserve a price"

    Misson 2 is for me best scored mission in this contest.

    Not my kind of story, but despite that I think it was created very well. From this point of view 8/10 is a high rating. Gameplay stands on a highest level - the mission has everything a decent mission needs: lot to explore, alternative routes, nice side locations with pleasant findings and of course, side quests. Atmosphere is of the highest standard, if you take into account limiting to stock and stock-derived resources.

    Best mission.

    amazing mission

    This. This right here. The mission where you start with the basic premise of robbing the place blind, explore a beautiful and grand environment, gradually uncover clues that there's more beneath the surface, and suddenly find yourself neck-deep in an epic story that's now gearing up to send you towards an equally epic conclusion...these are the FMs I live for.

    I can't see much of the text above but this mission for me had everything and is the best rounded mission/s (there being 2), with a little bit of everything. It even reminded me of thief 3 and even the witcher 3 (!) in the first mission for the feeling that there was so much space around you (even though it is an illusion).

    This one was my favourite of the contest

    "A new classic. 9 silver hammers! Great architecture, atmosphere, quest items, bonus items. One of the greatest blood chilling moments in Thief history! But...hotel mission needs a map BADLY! Seriously...somebody just put a map in there and I could score the game-play a 10 as well. Only thing standing between this mission and the coveted Gold Hammer award.

    When I saw that Tannar and the Pukester had collaborated I was so excited I could have slapped my grandma! Abso-fucking-lutely chock full 'o thiefy goodness!"

    Pure genius...the first mission could have been better play-wise (it looked fantastic), but the second made up for it tenfold.

    "Atmosphere - 10

    The mood in those missions was incredible. The feeling of tension and mystery has been established superbly with many gloomy visual effects working wonders. The design of the hotel was simply stunning - one of the finest compounds you will find in any FM - extremely beautiful, grand, and convincing. The sound was not working properly in the town area, however, marring the experience of the opening mission to some degree. In the end, the extremely inventive methods to give the player a good scare (room 13 must be one of the creepiest things I've seen in ANY fanmission) made me give it a 10 nevertheless.

    Gameplay - 7

    The proportion of exploration and thieving to riddle solving has been generally well maintained and I was fully motivated to progress most of the time. I wish the second mission hadn't become a secret hunt towards the end though. I liked the multiplicity of loots and locations around the hotel. On the other hand, both missions seemed to me somewhat overcrowded, and the number of rope climbs in the second part of the hotel was quite disgusting. I've also come across some imperfections which didn't make the gameplay worse in any way, but could have easily been avoided nevertheless. The first mission especially seemed unpolished with some readables not appearing as they should, multiple unfrobbable items highlighting and the conversation with the client not starting as expected.

    Story - 7

    At first I liked how the tension was developing right from the start and throughout the second mission, but about after entering the winter wing I felt it reached the point when the craziness started becoming absurd. Just too much weird stuff happening around which certainly worked well for the atmosphere, but I felt made the story too convoluted and confusing. On the other hand, you certainly won't hear a bad word about the countless personal stories of the staff and guests, which are brilliantly written and perfectly fitting the tone of the mission."

    "Fantastic atmosphere. Skilled and creative use of assets made for a completely unique Thief FM experience. Not only was the player graced with one open world to explore, but a second, entirely different location as well. My only major complaint was that the later parts of the campaign became a little monotonous in atmospheric tone. Some of the horror elements are a bit...dated / cheesy - but this is somewhat forgivable given the engine's capabilities.

    Did you not notice the carefully crafted length of the in-game literature as well? One of my favorite parts of this FM is that the literature was almost the perfect length consistently throughout. No document was far too long yet they were all perpetually revealing enough. Huge applause here, this is very easy to mess up.

    Gameplay was paramount here. The author CLEARLY took the time to optimize the gameplay experience. Look at these details: Doors open in a way that doesn't intrude on the players field of movement, lockpicking locks have appropriate speeds depending on what is being broken into (this is HUGE in bringing down gaming fatigue), sidequests are very well done and incredibly challenging (but, most importantly, optional). Corridors are marked appropriately. Finally - I believe it's worth mentioning again here - the in-game literature is near perfect length all the way through. My only major complaint in this department is the length. The end of the campaign felt rather monotonous after having done everything up until that point. I can't bring myself to rate it lower than a 9 though.

    Story was slightly unique and generally polished, albeit a bit cheesy IMO. I'll leave it at that. Apologies for the lack of elaboration here; I really didn't get much of anything out of the storyline. I think the main problem I found was its overambitious-nature. I don't think it lives up to what it attempts to set up.

    Other random ratings:
    FM Name:

    "Wonderful, original, unique, fascinating are the first adjectives that come to my mind when I think about the Scarlet Cascabel. This mission has reached a high level of reuse of T1 original material, managing to give its own feeling and ambience, and what an ambience !

    The first mission was already a pleasant one. Far from the beautiful but numerous urban streets many other missions proposed in this contest, this mission chose a remote village through a deep forest and into the mountains : original and very well designed. I had the feeling to play the 4th mission of the Black Frog campaign by Gaëtane, a must-play which I was delighted to almost see again here.

    But the masterpiece of this mission is definitely the second part. At first sight, this hill hotel immediately made me think about Dracula's Transylvanian castle : these dizzy cliffs, this sinister mist, this dark and manor-like design, these astonishing stained glass, and such dark and shadowy ambience inside. I didn't know what to think about when I first learnt we would rob a hotel, but I definitely got it was a good idea once I entered. The idea is much original for a T1 game, but the hotel atmosphere is clearly here : all rooms you can imagine in a deluxe hotel, so large staff, rooms hard to access for staff only, and of course, dirty little secrets in secret rooms.

    That's a part I much enjoyed in this level, secrecy everywhere. The scenario is strong and the story fascinating. I played a long time into the classical hotel parts and couldn't imagine how the story would become so attractive and incredible long time after. The Red Lady is a very well done character, and the last part of the mission is simply astonishing, as well as gloomy. I have to point it out : this mission was the only one that made me jump with fright, with these creepy training dummies in the hospital-like chambers. The story became more and more interesting throughout the mission, with a climax I seldom felt in other missions. This time, this part made me think about the 5th part of the Black Frog. I don't know if the authors took inspiration from this campaign, but in any case, this mission has one of the best stories and atmosphere of all the missions of this contest.

    One thing I deplore, for it ruined my pleasure often during the mission is the amount of AIs in the hotel. I know it's a hotel, so many people wander in, staff above all, and I should perhaps deal with it for I played in Expert mode, but I still found there was a bit too many civilians everywhere, in places they could see you but not you (I think about the lounge with stained glasses on the 1st floor), with such amount that they overreact when you make a little noise, and in a bit too luminous places sometimes. I even had to knock out two of them because they went in alert 3 just for an accidental noise of mine they heard together. Maybe dispersing them a little more would have made the hotel more easily traversable. To say the truth, I quick-loaded my game so many times I felt frustrated as well, and even more since I couldn't wait to see the rest of the mission ! So too bad for that, it's a rare negative point I could find for this mission but it was still a bit annoying.

    The secondary quests, not only were an interesting idea, but they were also very distracting. I unfortunately failed to find all of the chessmen, but searching them everywhere, up and down, did keep me occupied. The different objectives were also very challenging, and I even thought I was going to be lost at a moment, when you had to find the different keyholes.

    I'll end with the different uses of textures : the work is simply amazing, the mix between different object textures to make new ones or even brush textures was gorgeous : stained glasses, banners, books, the Red Lady ghost, walls... everything is beautiful inside this hotel, and even the 1st mission village was beautifully made.

    So it's not hard to see I'm full of praise for this mission. It's clearly one which I'll keep in memory for long, if not forever, for it's a true piece of originality and beauty. And to think all of this was made with T1 material only... You don't even remember you're playing a T1 mission when you play it. You think you're playing Thief : the Scarlet Cascabel."


    Outstanding two-mission pack, the first of which is a beautiful forest and town setting, the second of which is a very complicated hotel map. One of the best T1 missions ever. Game play downgraded due to gong deaths in mission 2, which was admitted to be a hasty solution to a problem. Should have been just straight, not forced ghosting, IMO, which would have been much more relaxing. Optional chess puzzle too difficult.

    "Two missions, both overwhelmingly ambitious, and both heavy on heavily customised stock resources (obeying the contest rules to the letter, while playing fast and loose with the spirit). These maps are both around the limits you can push the Dark Engine; things you had previously seen in the Beauty Contest are now the building blocks of full, sprawling, playable missions. The first, taking place in the woods and a mountain town, has a dynamic story with good objectives, and a comfy atmosphere - perhaps a bit like a very advanced take on Autumn in Lampfire Hills. Here are simple pleasures, very well realised (save the occasional, minor aesthetic mistakes which got lost in the last days of building).

    The second mission is grander, but also has a few gameplay-related problems. This is the “enormous posh location with a dark backstory and a huge interconnected puzzle” kind of FM, and in that field, it can stand its own against the likes of Rowena's Curse and Ominous Bequest. The grandiose hotel/mansion is impeccably detailed (and customised - the rooms are varied and the small backstories you run across have a lot of character), the atmosphere thick.

    But as these missions tend to, the stealth gameplay suffers a bit: lots of long, unpredictable patrol routes, whiny servant AI everywhere (in lots of places where they can be stuck, too), and an objective which fails the mission if the alarm is triggered - this is a hazardous combination, particularly when you scour the territory for the umpteenth time. Or when the AI see you through the several windows, corridors and other conduits which allow them a treacherous vision, and a short route to the nearest gong. Then there's the other one. While the puzzles are good and well designed, it is still finding (well designed) needles in a (well designed) haystack. Miss one, and the whole machinery comes to a creaking halt. It only happened to me once (missed an obvious lever due to the darkness), but there were some near misses in there.

    The criticism of extraordinary things does not take away from their excellence. This is an excellent two-mission pack, and a lot of fun. It is an instant classic. Nevertheless, I found the prelude more likeable than the main event."

    "Great visual style, very distinctive look and feel that makes this FM unmistakable, a superb achievement considering it's all derived from stock (it actually looks more like a Thief 2 FM, which is both impressive and also somewhat antithetical to the contest goals...). The first mission is instantly recognisable; real eye candy.

    The second mission is where things go a bit pear-shaped: the goals were often unintuitive or unclear, and there were very noticeable technical flaws including unresponsive AI, bad to non-existent pathfinding (for example: one noblewoman would jump backwards upon seeing me, then stayed at Moderate Alert searching for Garrett while walking straight into him), low quality lighting, and some of the worst instances of sound propagation I've ever encountered in an FM -- and I've played sloppy FMs from 1999 that nobody remembers like 'The Assassination'. Visually, while the hotel exterior is uniquely beautiful, the dull blue-grey hallways very quickly start to blend into one another.

    If the issues were limited to a single minor issue like AI not waking up, I could give it a pass. However, the multiplicity of issues detracted from my enjoyment of this submission more so than most of the simpler ones by total novices. In some ways this mission was far better than those submissions, but in others surprisingly worse. Nothing else I have played that Tannar (Waterfront Racket, Cell 6, Drymian Codex etc.) and PukeyBrunster (Morbid Curiosity) worked on had these glaring faults, so it is a letdown from their excellent track record.

    These are not totally disqualifying flaws, however, and much of the core material remains unique and satisfying. It is mainly in need of severe bugfixes. A diamond in the rough, maybe."

    "Comprised of two missions, The Scarlet Cascabel is a tremendous achievement and most likely the mission that will win the contest (at least, I think so!). These two missions are quite amazing and Tannar and Pukey pulled off a Herculean feat with it.

    The first mission takes place in a remote little town in the woods, mostly populated by rogues and other criminals. The visuals are absolutely fantastic here, with some amazing use of stock-derived content I did not think was possible. Everything feels perfect here. You can break into various houses and shops and hang around the very well designed inn where you have to meet your contact. My main issue with this mission is that roombrushing is very sloppy overall, with sound leaking quite a lot. This can be a problem at times.

    The second mission takes place in a hotel overlooking a chasm, and this mission is definitely of the same calibre as, say, Rowena's Curse or Ominous Bequest. Yes, it is THAT good. The atmosphere is stellar, the layout is amazing and the mission just keeps piling on the mysteries. This mission will take you hours to finish and it is never boring. Every single room in the hotel is unique and you can tell incredible care was put to make it look like a real place. You can even collect optional items to uncover even more stuff! The biggest problem with this mission, for me, is the no alert objective that can fail the mission. AIs don't actually run to ring the gongs, but do it telepathically. This can result in frustration if you somehow saved when that happens (as I did).

    The story is very well written overall and all the side-plots are quite well fleshed out. The second mission in particular is full of little readables about the hotel itself, which has a very sinister story. I'll say overall that The Scarlet Cascabel is an incredible mission that does feel like it belongs in Thief 2 more than 1 at times, and that everybody should stop what they're doing and play it if they haven't already. Again, this is easily on the same level as classics like Rowena's Curse."

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    First, congrats to this 2-part mission, i am still playing the second part. I have (had...) a new texture pack installed but the vegetation/greens were so bushy, rich, that i couldn't see anything so temporarily i had to remove the package. Then it was easier to move on. Such great missions, nice riddles, beautiful landscapes and buildings - but postponed exploring room 13, waiting for daylight ehh

    Now i'm at mission 2, and i would like to ask some hints about the chess figures
    Where can i find Rook 1 and 2, King, Pawn 1, 3, 4 and 8?
    still in mission 2, in the hall with guest stairs leading to first floor, under the stairs there is a light brown stone wall with a zodiac-like sign (pisces?), i can knock on it with BJ so i think it could be a door. Is there something behind it or is it just a nice decoration?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi there,

    Check your PM's for a few hints : ) Heads up, also, that some of these locations will likely change in the re-release.

    Also.. glad you removed the enhancement package. Especially with these T1 missions, the enhancement packs make the textures look downright strange in most of the missions, lol.

    As for the door you can hit with the BJ, will become more clear upon completion of the optional chess piece quest.

    Hope you're having fun, and thanks for playing!

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    Oh my, what a contest mission...
    I have just finished it, second part lasted 6h 21m, loot 5727/6372 for me.
    (Now i feel some kind of emptiness : )
    I really-really didn't want to visit again the bedroom in room 13 after it changed but it was worth obeying the call "come back" (or sg.)
    Must play the re-release!
    Thank you very much!!
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    I have really enjoyed this mission. I have found everything except pawn 8. Just spoil me and tell me where pawn 8 is please???

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    No problem : ) Pawn 8 is on the chandelier on the 2nd floor of the gallery (room with the paintings just north of the chess board room.

    Just a heads up that we haven't posted the chess piece locations yet because some of these will be changing in the completed version, and didn't want to confuse people.

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    Thanks a bunch. I have finished this excellent mission. Kind of did remind me of Rowenas Curse and Omnious Bequest. This is definitely one of the best ever. Any idea when the completed version will be out??

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    Glad you enjoyed it! We hope to have the updated version into testing by the end of the month, so probably some time in April.

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    i can't find wendolyn at the taverne?

    edit: done
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    i talked to Wendolyn but the objective isnt fullfiled.

    where can Garrett find his stuff? in his room in the taverne, he can't find anything

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    It sounds like you are playing the mission "The Scarlet Cascabel". Is that right? If so, I will move these posts to the correct thread. And to answer your question, you will find Garrett's "stuff" in your inventory. Just drop it on his bed and then go down to the basement office. That will fulfill that objective.

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    Pawn #6?

    This must be the easiest one to find, because I haven't found it. I have all the others and REALLY want to see what's behind the door.

    Can anyone give me a hint as to where to find pawn 6?

    Shadowspawn's Thief Pages
    Darkness is always faster than light. No matter how fast light travels, it always finds the dark waiting for it.

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    Pawn 6 is in the top tier of the fountain in the courtyard. Actually, it's a harder one to spot.. and if you've found the rest, kudos!

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    Ok, just started this one and got all objectives done in Mission 1 except heading to the hotel where do I go?

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    To the left (north) of the church graveyard there is a sloping cobblestone path. Follow that path uphill to a footbridge, cross the bridge and turn left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannar View Post
    To the left (north) of the church graveyard there is a sloping cobblestone path. Follow that path uphill to a footbridge, cross the bridge and turn left.
    Tried that but nothing happened, is v1 the latest version?

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    Speaking of, any word on the update you guys have been working on? I've been holding off on playing mission 2 until the new version is out.

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    We should have the new version out for beta testing in the next couple of weeks. Glad you waited to play mission 2, and hope you can hang on a bit longer as we've made some major improvements to gameplay, sound, lighting, and have some new stuff in both missions, too : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Independent Thief View Post
    Tried that but nothing happened, is v1 the latest version?
    Actually no, the latest version is V1.1, but that shouldn't matter for that objective. To be clear, the hotel is not in the village, you just need to cross the bridge and approach the gate on the left. The mission should end.

    On a side note, we recommend downloading version 1.1 because there are some things in mission 2 that are broken in the early version and you won't be able to complete it.

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