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Thread: TDP20AC Mission The Scarlet Cascabel (11/30/2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannar View Post
    So if I understand your post, you haven't met Elizabeth yet, right? If not, I wonder why you were dropping items in the fountain. You first need to meet Elizabeth and get the objective to drop five (not four) items into the fountain. In order to meet Elizabeth, you need to get past that area with the moving dark wall. At the far end of that hallway, there is an open doorway with a practice dummy standing in it, blocking your way. That is the room that you need to get into. There are two possible ways to enter it. First, when you see the wall start moving toward you, run toward it about halfway down the hall, then return to that doorway and the practice dummy will be gone. The second option is to hit the practice dummy with your sword a few times and it will disappear. From there, you will find a series of rooms that should lead you to a pickable door. Behind that door, you will find Elizabeth's tower which you must climb.
    Thank you very much for answer. I would never figure it out what to do.
    Your missions are wonderful.
    And that black wall really freaked me.

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    I have finished the mission #2 :) It was brilliant adventure (both missions). Mood, levels design, story, gameplay - fantastic experience :) I'm very glad there was much to do in both missions :)

    In #2 I found 6352/6377 (gold: 4207 gems: 905 goods: 1240), spider killed ;P zero blackjacks ;P but unfortunately I had to gas two women by/with a Gas Arrow in the laundry room :/ One of them has stuck on the desk and didn't move :/

    Also all 16 chess pieces has been found :P The hardest one for me was on the roof. I walked there several times and didn't see it :D I was running high above on the roof after Speed Potion has been used, but I knew The Authors crafted the mission well and the pawn should be in much more clever placement. 2nd mission took me 10h 12min (cheatty stats says 8h 16min), I spend more than 1 hour to find this last pawn-piece ;D My no-blackjack rule was slow me down effectively and consequently ;)

    The other chess pieces are actually simple to find, but only for non-blackjackers and ghosters :) When you hide in dark spots to avoid the opponents, you have time to look around and observe. After I found alternate underwater passage to the "kitchen's pantry" I had to be calm and quiet to investigate opponents route paths, and kitchen's chess pawn I have found, was very first and very visible at this position :) I don't think I would be able to easily saw it, if I had blacked the opponents from other direction in the kitchen :) The second chess pawn I found was in upstairs where the crown entrance is. After that I knew (more of less) where to look :) The pawn above the bell was obvious to me :P I've found it before I was going down to tomb's area :)

    I was probably lucky with Charlotte's pawn :) because the trick was used in other T1, T2 & TDM missions I remembered :) moreover I have played "Lost Among The Forsaken", where similar thing has been used, so maybe this/that was my little advantage ;) It was in my mind instantly after "tears' plaque" has been read :) Actually I though the same thing: "I need holly shower" ;) (graves around) so I was run above to frob holly "fountain", but probably clear, pure water should enough as well ;)

    The pawns placing is not hard actually, I would rather call it Demanding (by uppercase "D"). I suppose paradoxically those who are running and BJ-ing all what lives have much harder times with finding pawns and loot :)

    The hardest loot for me were:
    1. A sandy-sack in tavern, somehow I didn't see it when the first time I was lurking in there and trying to reach golden bottle. I was try from window direction, and from fireplace side, and didn't see the sack in both cases :P I was probably too focused on the bartender and the bottle :) also hard searching for purses on the rafters :)

    2. A purple-purse in library. I was so close to it at least three or four times and saw it after fifth ;D Evil placing ;) The color of the purse blends perfectly with books in this rather dark place ;)

    3. Loot I didn't find :P Can you tell me full GGG-ingredient-values? :)

    Disappointments ;PP
    Yes, they are very, very little disappointments ;P however they are not affect my assessment in any way ;P

    1. "Well... this is... interesting" after reading the plaque, and... that's it? ;P It could be some additional fake reward, simple gift from hotel, some kind of fool's reward as "Mathematician's reward" in "Catacombs of Knoss" ;)) Something physical but worthless ;) For example wooden serpentile-torc as in the picture, maybe? :) I missed something like that here after stone puzzle :)

    2. Keeper's area... The scroll is great :) but the rest... ehh... ;PP I know, I know, that was not main point of the game, but I just expected something more ;P Maybe some kind of riddle/puzzle (in Keeper's way) to achieve The Scroll? :)

    3. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think Elizabeth's ring on the desk in her room should be invisible, and it should appear/spawn AFTER she says: "Come back hehe" ;)) It would be much better, but... it's just random guy opinion, so... ;)

    And finally some little bugs as it was in mission #1...
    ...but maybe later, because I need to check something first :)
    sorry for my very bad english :(

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    Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to write so much about your experiences playing our mission! We both enjoyed reading about your adventures in the missions, and glad that you had fun with them. I don't think we have a loot list with a ggg breakdown right now, and we are going to be updating the mission and the loot list after the contest. Congratulations on completing the chess puzzle. The reward for that puzzle, that room with the scroll, is an exact recreation of that easter egg in the OMs. It was meant as an homage to the LGS team. I sent you a PM.

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