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Thread: TDP20AC Mission The Scarlet Cascabel (11/30/2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Independent Thief View Post
    Tried that but nothing happened, is v1 the latest version?
    Actually no, the latest version is V1.1, but that shouldn't matter for that objective. To be clear, the hotel is not in the village, you just need to cross the bridge and approach the gate on the left. The mission should end.

    On a side note, we recommend downloading version 1.1 because there are some things in mission 2 that are broken in the early version and you won't be able to complete it.

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    So I got myself stuck in the plumbing under the dumbwaiter I can swim through to the other end of the water tunnel with the chalices and plates, but I can't get out of the water at either end because the grating blocks the way and the edge in the dumbwaiter shaft is too high. I don't want to reload my latest non-quick save... is there any way out of here?

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    There is a lever beneath the grating that opens it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by urgrue View Post
    There is a lever beneath the grating that opens it.
    Oh... indeed there is. How embarrassing. Another case of "looked for [thing] at the exact same spot for 15 minutes without success, but somehow being told by someone else that it is there made it magically appear". Thanks, now I can continue exploring this awesome fm.

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    Can I get a hint to the location of pawn 1?

    Also, is there a way to acquire DearJimJim without it attacking you and dealing damage?

    I can't believe I spent 5 hours in the second mission alone. And that includes me being stuck in the winter wing because I didn't pay attention and didn't look for the conservatory but the observatory. But since you can't get out I was slowly going mad.

    The ambience was amazing. The spooks and scares were placed with such finesse.

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    Pawn 1 is on top of the big telescope in the observatory.

    As for Mister Jim Jim, we had to release that side (joke) unfinished due to the time restrictions for the contest, but have this solved for the re-release. So, in the version you are playing there is no way to avoid damage.

    Struck me as a little funny you got lost between the conservatory/observatory, but sorry it was frustrating (especially after such a long time playing). The re-release will also include onscreen text to make it easier to understand dialogue said in-game.

    Thanks for playing, and glad you liked the ambience and spooks ; ) Hope you will play the completed version as well, which is taking us a bit longer than anticipated due to life intruding, but shouldn't be too much longer.

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