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Thread: HTTPS

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    How is that possible there is no HTTPS on forums? What are the chances to provide it so that Garrett wont be able to steal my password?

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    Well, it works now. But on HTTPS the look is a bit different than HTTP... It looks like a mobile version. BTW, IMHO you should consider redirecting HTTP to HTTPS.

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    The issue is that if you access the page using https://, some of the javascript files and a bunch of image files are still being loaded over http:// (the page contains several literal http:// URLs, rather than using protocol independent URLs. For example, one javascript tag uses src="" when it could either use the https:// or just src="//"). You'll need to allow mixed content to view the pages fully until someone wrangles the template to fix that.

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    This has been planned for a little while and as noted, although the server was set to deliver over https not everything was ready to make the switch (there was some very old styling on the forum). If all's well then you shouldn't get any weird styling now but there's a possibility you may need to flush your browser cache if you see anything amiss. Redirects are on as well - vbulletin doesn't really work with allowing both http and https at the same time as it's not great at generating protocol independent URLs from its settings. If there's still any weirdness let me know and I'll look into it.

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