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Thread: TG FM -- The Upward Spiral 1/12/2018

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    TG FM -- The Upward Spiral 1/12/2018

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    Thank you, i assume this is not a mission part of the anniversary contest?

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    It is not an official contest mission, no, but we are glad to have it nonetheless!

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    Thank you! Mirror:

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    Thank you moldybread and congratulations on your first FM. I play this as soon as I get home.

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    Thank you, and congrats on the release

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    Please be advised: a few words used in the readables are somewhat R18. Others might wish to look away while reading them. I for one have no idea what they mean.

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    Gosh, never played a mission that fun !

    Man ! It is also respecting all the rules of the contest ! Why didn't you submitted it ? It's so crazy, I really loved it ! Very good job !
    Anyone who see this thread, even if you are playing contest missions, please, play this one like if it was one of them !
    It really deserves to be played !

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    Play this Mission !

    I agree with FireMage, this is one barkingly great mission, if a little naughty (check out the swimming pool), so why o why did you not enter this FM into the T20 contest?

    Quote Originally Posted by urgrue View Post
    Please be advised: a few words used in the readables are somewhat R18.
    A Few? I think your inability to count is as spectacularly off the scale as your inability to understand R18 words

    @ MoldyBread.
    When you enter the room near the top with the dead opera singer you receive a notification of New Objective, but no new objective appears in your objectives, nor are there any hidden objectives in the intrface folder, so what's this all about?

    And why such a low loot target objective? there is a ton of loot lying around, 4000g would have been more realistic on Styx difficulty.

    But aside from the above I had a ball playing this mission, your sense of fun and utter siilyness shines through. I have played the mission twice now and spent a good hour just running past all the AI's grabbing as much loot as I could before I got the hell out of there (6975/7386). So thank you for a superior ball of fun.
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    My guess is it was meant for the contest, but perhaps submitted a little bit too late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    A Few? I think your inability to count is as spectacularly off the scale as your inability to understand R18 words
    Nothing wrong with your sense of irony, though

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    Contest entry or not - I think this mission at least wins the prize for "Longest Readable in a Thief FM".

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    Funny mission
    The hammerite that doesn't change his underwear is a fake. Hammers never do this, so no need to point this out.

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    Thief 1/Gold is getting so much more love and appreciation now and I'm so happy about it because it's my favorite thief game

    I'll be sure to play this once I'm done with the contest missions

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    I approve silly fun once in a while

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    Thank you for this release! For me, the release is celebrating the 20th anniversary, too - despite not being included in the contest.

    My directory entry is here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calibrator View Post
    Contest entry or not - I think this mission at least wins the prize for "Longest Readable in a Thief FM".

    It's a copy-pasted manifesto from a real thing. Edgy stuff.

    The mission itself was a mixed bag. Big largely empty town, large building filled with mostly monsters. Pretty good architectural quality and texture work, really, and some obviously funny stuff like the shape of the indoor swimming pool. I get the feeling the author was building something serious, didn't want to build much more so used the largely empty areas and filled them with what's there to create a playable mission.

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    Loved this mission, the city areas are so well built, what a beautiful view, and the main mansion is also very impressive, its astounding how with only using thief resources you can have a beautiful result like this one, if this mission were to be taken part of the anniversary contest i´m sure it would have very high scores.

    Thank you for this sweet experience

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    downloaded it,will play it now ,thank you

    fun mission the escape was sweet

    loved the grapes you had in mission

    the city was cool loved the day time

    curious how those burricks made it up so high in residence

    you should think about making a surreal/mc escher map as the stairways/elevators were so amazing

    not sure it would have been top 3 in contest but a must play mission for those people who like a great mission
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    Finally found a time to play this mission. I liked the humor in this mission. I liked giant zombie head, also descriptions of the Hammerites were funny and I loved the conclusion. I liked the mansion. It's not often I see mansion with more than 3 floors. The most impressive thing was this god damn crazy long diary. It must have few hundreds pages.

    What I liked the least was big, but lifeless city. Beside the mansion there was only 3 little houses and 1 NPC.

    Also loot objective was weird. I completed it in first 10 min and on the whole mission I got more than 10 times more loot. I think you forgot to put one more zero into loot objective. Speaking of loot I got 6936 of "first" loot and 150 of "second" loot. Yes, in this mission you can have 2 loot counters. Which is a bug. Not big, but still a bug.

    Another weird thing happened when I found dead woman. I got new objective sound, but when I watched objectives I didn't notice any change (no new objective or completed objective). This confused me a lot.

    Last thing is I got stuck in Mage's room. After he left and locked his room, I grabbed the key, but this key doesn't open Mage's room. Good thing I had backup save. Otherwise it would force me to replay the whole mission.

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    Nice Mission! Thanks!
    Liked the atmosphere and all the unusual objects and incidents.

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    How the heck did I miss this mission?? Holy C__p this is an awesome creation

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    This is a weird one: Spectacular brush and texture work, but rather bad gameplay with lots of undead and not a lot of shadows to hide in. Gave up trying to ghost this twenty minutes in and just ran. The second part in which the mansion "resets" and replaces all undead with Hammerites was a lot more fun. Finished on Normal in 51 minutes with 5440 of 7386 loot. I also got the "new objective" chime after I found the dead woman, but no new objective appeared. The part after you pick up the tome seems to be bugged as well: A key you pick up in the room does not work and your only chance to leave is to exit with the mage while the door is still open.

    This mission contains what appears to be a full copy of the manifesto of Elliot Rodger, a spree killer who murdered six people and injured fourteen others in the 2014 Isla Vista killings.

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    Actually, that part after getting the tome is not bugged. There is a tiny key on the bed next to the book, which opens the door.

    This was a funny mission btw, I enjoyed it, just the streets in the beginning were too empty.

    Really liked the comments of the book, and the hammerites

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    You are totally right, Taylor! I missed the second key in the room. It is really tiny. Do you know if the first key I found unlocks any door in the mission?

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