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Thread: TG FM -- The Upward Spiral 1/12/2018

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    You are totally right, Taylor! I missed the second key in the room. It is really tiny. Do you know if the first key I found unlocks any door in the mission?
    As far as remember, I didn't find any use of it. I'd say it either opens some hidden stuff or something which can be opened/circumvented by other ways (or just a chest/moneybox/whatever on an obvious place which I succesfully missed)

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    I don't personally have issue with "foul language" but it just doesn't fit Thief at all. The retribution stuff "in this era" its just not funny and unless I missed something a bit scary.
    Anyhow, it was tricky in places and looked great, too bad the exterior didn't have more to explore.

    I had no idea that diary stuff was pulled from some freakish source lol.

    I was seriously wondering about that "manifesto" yikes
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    Once again the Spoonman graces us with a mission where halfway through you start realising something is wrong.

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