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Thread: TDP 20th Anniversary - Thank you!

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    TDP 20th Anniversary - Thank you!

    I know there are 'thank yous' going on in the Contest announcement thread but I'm so blown away by the response, I thought a separate thank you' thread was more than deserved.

    Thank you to all the authors who have either submitted entries in the contest, or outside it, or who will be a little late. You are amazing and I'm truly grateful for what you've given to the community.

    My thanks also to skacky and Yandros for the organisation and co-ordination - damn fine fellows both of you.

    Finally, my thanks to everyone who contributed behind the scenes: testers, translators, voice actors, etc. Missions greatly benefit from your input.

    Now, where to start.

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    I totally second that. This is a very unique gaming community. Thank you!

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    I'll third that! And thanks everyone who went to great efforts to make these FM's, I can't wait to play them all!

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    Pukey and I would like to thank skacky for creating this contest and all his work running it, and Yandros for all his work organizing the release of it. Congratulations and good luck to all the authors. Happy Anniversary, TDP, and everyone. (Already posted this in the announcement thread, but then saw this one). Thanks to Brethren for hosting the missions and provided us with the links.

    And thank you to all the others involved, testers, voice actors, translators, proofreaders.. all that had a hand in making this happen. What a wonderful community this is.
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    Up loaded the missions to taffers now. Added links to all the posts i think, if i have missed one let me know.

    This is a lot of missions good job for all the hard work that has gone into this. This is the best Xmas prezz.
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    Thanks Guys for this mission buffet !

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    A huge Thank You to all involved. A fantastic community effort, and a magnificent tribute to a magnificent game!

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    What a wonderful place TTLG is! When you think of all the accumulated hours of love and devotion that have gone into producing this marvelous abundance of Anniversary missions, it's stunning! Most of those hours were contributed by the talented people who produced them for us but also by the folk who took the time to do voice work, edit, translate and test. Thank you SO much to everyone! It's efforts like this that keep our community alive.

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    A sincere thank you to the organizers, all the authors and everyone else who contributed. Having 24 TDP missions to play is absolutely incredible. I feel like I just received 24 of my favorite desert and wonder - should I play them slowly to savor every minute. What a great Christmas present.

    I love this forum!


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    Thank you to everyone involved in the contest! Your hard work and dedication are amazing. TTLG will always be a special place.
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    Still though, over 20 missions. Going to be hard for people to play all of these and judge them.

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    Holy crap! I count 24 missions! Here I was thinking to have a quiet Sunday indoors!

    My congratulations to those authors and thanks!

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    To the authors, organisers and everyone else involved in this wonderful early gift, a resounding THANK YOU.

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    A big thank to all participants that brought us Thief fans beautiful missions !!! Thank you so much!!!

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    Amazing community, thanks for many magical moments!

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    Ditto.... Can't say Thank You enough. Just to think in 2 years time, we'll celebrte Thief II: Metal Age on it's 20 year anniversary.

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    Thanks to everyone for all you have done for the ttlg community.

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    A huge that you to all involved in the community. Just an incredible amount of missions.

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    Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this contest, especially Skacky (who has created one of my all-time favorites, Endless Rain) and Yandros. Thanks to this wonderful community for keeping the game and the spirit of it alive! The masterthief abides ;-)

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    24 missions, especially for Thief 1, is revolutionary, and hasn't happened since 2002. We're witnessing history here

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    I've only played one of them so far and it blew me away. I'm so looking forward to trying the rest. Apparently old thieves never die and they don't fade away either.

    Thanks to the authors, the testers and organizers of this contest. To say this contest is impressive is an understatement.

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    A big thanks to Lili for posting screenshots of the contest missions in her site:

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    @ Azaran

    If you also include the other 2 T1/TG missions released this year Lord Roberts Painting and The Upward Spiral that takes the number to 26 missions which equals the 2002 release figures.

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    Yes, this is a fantastic month-long Christmas gift, basically. I played through one full mission and got quite a ways through a second. At this rate I'll be playing for weeks (and loving it).

    Serious thanks to everyone who contributed.

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    This is absolutely amazing!

    Thanks to everyone for their hard work putting the contest together and to all the authors who have created all these missions. Looks like we will be having a TDP fest for weeks to come. Just performed a new TG install with 1.26 and can't wait to get downloading.

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