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Thread: A time-lapse video: How "Darkness Walk With Us!" was made

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    A time-lapse video: How "Darkness Walk With Us!" was made

    Hi all,

    During the creation of "Darkness Walk With Us!" for the 20th anniversary contest I kept all the save files. Here is all the 1948 saves and one year worth of work compressed into 3 minutes. I recommend watching it in full-screen. I hope you'll enjoy it:

    I strongly suggest watching this video after you have played the mission, as it might spoil the experience.

    And I'd like to use this opportunity to remind people that you don't need TFix to play this mission, but if you already have it installed you'll need to update to TFix 1.26a or later. The mission will warn you if there is a problem.

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    Wow that's awesome! I think my own process would look very different - you'd see tons of blue terrain going down, and then gradually see dots of red and yellow cropping up all over the place!

    How did you make the video?

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    Brilliant - thank you for posting.

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    Thanks for sharing!

    I found it amusing that the lost city temple is just beyond the wall from the inn. That's something you really don't think about when playing.

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    Building a level looks so easy in a time-lapse, like it should only take a few hours to build a mission instead of a year. Loved this glimpse into your process.

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    This is great!! Haven't played it yet, but couldn't resist the glimpse into your build.. really looking forward to playing. And.. LOVE the title you chose for your mission.

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    Wow, that was awesome! What a great idea.. thanks for sharing this.

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    That was a fascinating look behind the scenes.

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    nicked: I wrote a bunch of scripts to open each file in DromEd, switch to the view from above, toggle solo view, zoom a few times, move the camera to the centre of the map, take a screenshot and quit.
    Then I cropped all the resulting images and made a video out of them, 11 images per second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haplo View Post
    Here is all the 1948 saves (...)
    Ah, couldn't you just create 50 backup files more? Would be so symbolic...

    Nice job - I love all kind of time lapses!

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    Neat to see how your mission developed over time! Gonna have to make a time lapse for my mission now.

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