This is the last update of the older version of TOTW before they changed how they were combining them and made it more difficult to add mods.!SCZU3KIK!uGnHhpcJBpj0LdQvB7A9mg

This version just folds Fallout 3 INTO Fallout NV.
So Fallout NV mods work as is, and Fallout 3 mods only need to have their headers changed from Fallout 3 to Fallout NV in FO3/FNVedit.
This makes it easier to add rarer mods yourself that the TOTW team hasn't converted for the new version.

I had the beta patches for the DLC's, but I seem to have lost them.
But once again its only a simple matter of changing the header on the FO3 DLC's.

Also the train-station between the NV and FO3 is different in this version and seems to work a lot better.
Where I became inextricably bugged and trapped in the newer version.

The INI settings to start in FO3 or NV are in the txt file.
(Or try an alternate start mod.)
I tested this and it works fine on the GOG versions.

The TOTW team took these down because I guess they want everybody to use the new one and dont want to answer questions about the old one.
So dont bother them with any questions about any bugs. But I thought this still deserved to be shared because I prefer it in a few ways.