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Thread: Bullet DromEd 1.26

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    Bullet DromEd 1.26

    Brethren suggested to create a new thread for this, so here we go
    This is a easy upgrade to NewDark 1.26 for players and DromEd users. It will run out of the box for playing and editing.
    It has everything you need
    1. Thief 2 and DromEd NewDark 1.26 already patched with Large Address Aware
    2. Scripts for Thief2
    3. DromEd Toolkit 1.13 cmds and menu

    Installation: open the zip and just drop everything into the T2 main folder. Overwrite the files

    For advanced users: you might want keep your custom ini/cfg files, so backup it or don't replace it.

    Replace dark.gam if you didn't apply Tafferpatcher/T2fix prior to this patch.

    This also works for T1/TG, just rename Thief2.exe-->Thief.exe

    This is not a replacement for Tafferpatcher/T2fix/Tfix, as there are no improved resources.

    Want to play Fan Missions? Always use FMSel or NewDarkloader. Don't use Darkloader any more, it's outdated and troublesome.
    Edit cam_mod.ini like this
    ; always start the FM Selector (if one is present)
    Start Thief2.exe and set the FM path.

    For advanced DromEd users, I recommend to download DromEd Toolkit, too.
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    Thank you. This makes it very convenient since I have a habit of reinstalling these games multiple times.
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    Thanks Unna. I thought this might be helpful since Tafferpatcher has not been updated to the latest version of New Dark, and DJ Riff has gone AWOL.

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    I'm assuming from the name "Bullet DromEd" that this is a new version of DromEd, written by someone named Bullet.

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