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Thread: The Outer Worlds - Obsidian, Cain/Boyarsky

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    Oh yeah I'm playing this now. I've reached Monarch, haven't found the woolly mooing cows Malf mentioned, but I'll be on the look out!

    My fave thing is the combat actually, which is surprisingly meaty for this kinda game. Slo-mo makes everything better. I hang back and snipe dudes in slo-mo while my companions rush in and fuck shit up.

    Playing this right after my return to the Bioshocks however... kinda makes me wish it was a simpler, more streamlined Bioshock kinda thing. Some of this complexity I could do without, like my inventory overflowing with different health and consumable items just a short while into the game. Does anyone actually use all this crap? I've only ever used the regular health-inhaler thingy. Then again I'm also just playing on Medium so it's a bit on the easy side and I don't really need it. Perhaps on the harder difficulties you need to pick your poison more carefully, but is that fun tho?

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    Finished it!

    Yeah, this was a solid space-adventure. I guess more than anything it reminded me of ME:Andromeda. Nothing special when it comes to the storytelling, but surprisingly good combat systems and overall a fun way to spend a couple weeks, flying around the galaxy and getting into all kindsa trouble.

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    It's a OK game. Maybe even good. Not half as good as all those desperates who trashed Bethesda for Fallout in all kinds of places though. Really, Fallout is 10 times better, in any regard.

    Still a fun game though. I hated the last boss fight, though, it's completely unbalanced. I walked in there with gun skills at 100%, and the robots ate me alive. I blasted everything before that, but, that fight is way too hard, at least on the difficulty I played on (the hardest I think). I would have had to walk all the way back, and change my skills to hack the door and computer, but, I couldn't be arsed, to be honest, so, I just left the game short before the end, which was a bit frustrating as well, TBH. Reminds me of those totally unbeatable (at least early in the game) Legion hit squads in Fallout New Vegas.

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