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Thread: The Outer Worlds - Obsidian, Cain/Boyarsky

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    The Outer Worlds - Obsidian, Cain/Boyarsky

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    Yeah, okay. That's instant wishlist material. It'd be nice if they could get Brian Mitsoda in for some of the writing too, but I'm not about to complain about getting a game by the guys who made Fallout 1 and VtM:B.

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    Yeah I'm interested.

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    Hrm. Doesn't look all that distinct from Rage*. Or Borderlands. Or Fallout. With a topping of BioShock.

    Then again, Obsidian. So yeah, interested.

    *Might as well, Rage 2 still mostly reminds me of Bulletstorm anyway.

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    Has a scifi western vibe a la Firefly to me... which I guess isn't contradicting what you said either (those other games do too, to an extent), but still it's on other planets & involves space travel, so it's still in its own niche. I expect more story & RPG mechanics than Rage at least.

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    I couldn't find an exact release date posted anywhere but it seems to be coming out soon. It's a welcome change to see them releasing new IP again (even if it does wear its influences and roots on its sleeve) rather than trying to resurrect an old one. Anyway, insta buy.

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    Looks increeeeedibly generic.

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    About 15 minutes of gameplay from Game Informer (I haven't watched it yet):

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    Non-shitty Fallout-alike sounds good to me, given where the actual Fallout games have gone with the last 2 iterations.

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    I <3 consoles and gamepads

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    1. Full dialogue options, no simplified dialogue wheel, skill checks during dialogue, no voiced protagonist putting restrains on game writers' malleability for player choices... I missed games like these.

    2. Outer Worlds = play on Borderlands, teeheehee.

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    Looks interesting, the commentary is rubbish though. The UI/font choice feels directly lifted from Arkane's Prey.

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