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Thread: Thief 2 subtitles during gameplay

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    Thief 2 subtitles during gameplay

    I notice that when I installed the new Bullet Dromed 1.26 download, it enabled subtitles in my game when people and guards are talking, I can see what they are saying on the bottom of my screen. How do I disable the subtitles please? I never enabled that feature at all. This is for Thief 2.

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    USER.CFG file was updated? Look for these changes.

    comment the lines ";" or delete them; keywork search "subtitles"

    note: some newer missions have subtitling enbedded that this won't fix; annoying even for the deaf.
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    Actually the file I had edit was cam_ext.cfg Guessing the new version of the Bullet Dromed 1.26 patch must had accidentally enabled the subtitles. Hoping no one else ran into this issue like me. But thank you for your help, it worked successfully!

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    Bullet DromEd 1.26 has default settings only, no subtitles enabled.
    But HDMod 1.0 will enable subtitles.

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