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Thread: I made a game and it's on Steam!

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    I made a game and it's on Steam!

    I spent a year making a game by myself and it is now out on Steam (early access)! I hope some of you will check it out and don't criticize too harshly

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    Congrats smallfry, I'm sure it's a pretty awesome feeling to have released game. I remember seeing this in the "What are you making" thread, looking forward to trying it out.

    Edit: Quick question, something I've always wondered about. How do you determine your price point? Indie games can vary quite a bit. Is it based on what similar games are going for on Steam?
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    Congratulations! That's some lovingly recreated EGA visuals. Put it on the ol' wishlist.

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    Bigtime congratz. We're starting to have quite the club of indie's round here who've released stuff on Steam. Don't see that on many other forums (besides Steam itself).

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    Love the soundtrack. Added to wishlist.

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    Thanks guys!! Yeah I love seeing what other folks are up to and am always impressed with the talent on here.

    About pricing, I wish I had a good answer. It was partially looking at similar games, how fun and how long it is, and finally remembering that it's way easier to lower the price later than it is to raise it. To be honest, all the whole marketing aspect is a complete mystery to me and I'm really dreading it!

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